Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Disaster Victim or Fashion Victim

...or perhaps, a fashion disaster?

I can't help thinking this vintage gold coat looks a bit like the thermal blankets the Red cross hands out after a trail derails, or a tornado hits. I thought about posing beside the road with my belongings strewn across the lawn, but thought better of it as my neighbours might not appreciate the visual similarity. That's why I have a blog. Actually, I think the blankets the Red Cross hands out look better. I didn't need a blanket after our tornado, but they did give me a free tetanus shot and heavy-duty bin bags to clean up with. And coffee. Don't discount the importance of a hot cup of coffee after your house has been hit by a tornado. Anyway, my point is this might be a tricky item of clothing to wear.
I have been paying enough attention to know that this season, to look fully idiotic you need to wear your coat in a useless manner draped around you as though your home was just hit by a tornado (and you are waiting for your coffee and tetanus shot). "Hmmm, waiting..." No idea why I'm holding a beaded pear other than, "Hey! Props!"
Perhaps it would be put to better use in the winter emergency kit in the car. You could spot this coat better than any flare I know of!

Hard to believe people wore stuff like this in the 80's. I didn't, but someone must have because I keep finding thew evidence in thrift shops. 
 Vintage slippers (but they have a heel and leather sole, so they're shoes now as far as I'm concerned)
 Thrifted brooch
 Vintage Damascene bracelet and a Whiting and Davis panel bracelet.
Outfit Particulars:
80's lace bodysuit- Probably Carson Pirie Scott, but I can't swear to it
90's Liz Claiborne waistcoat-Jordan Marsh
Gap skirt-Goodwill
Bracelets-all Goodwill
Stranded beads-Hand-Me-Ups
Long necklace-Hand-Me-Ups
Necklace used as belt-Hand-Me-Ups
Slippers-Can't remember, probably Goodwill
1980's coat-New Life Thrift
Velvet shoulderbag-Goodwill
Fragrance-Coriandre (I could have worn Arthes Fashion Victim, but that would be too obvious)
 Some days I leave the house looking normal (ish).
 The weather has been changing, so I'm slowly moving into autumn hues if not fabrics. The pinafore dress is rayon, not wool.
Ultrasuede is good this time of year as it is lightweight and breathable. Washable too, which is helpful if you get caught in the rain. 
Vintage 50's clip earrings. 

Outfit Particulars:
Ultrasuede jacket (70's does 40's) part of a suit-Goodwill
Lady Devon polyester 70's skirt-Goodwill
Earrings-New Life Thrift
80's handbag-Goodwill
Vintage Gaymode shoes-Thrift World
Fragrance-Patou Sublime

 Our weather has been so strange, we had hummingbirds and warblers in our backyard today. That just doesn't happen mid-September in Nebraska. My salvia is still alive, which is also some sort of miracle.

 I'll leave you with some photos taken last weekend at Lake Zorinsky in West Omaha last weekend. Don't forget to enter the drawing for your very own Nebraska State Fair cookbook. Contest closes 15 September at Midnight, Omaha time.
Remember kids, coats belong on your shoulders, not draped around you, tornado or not. 

Hope you're having a swell week. 


Bibi Maizoon said...

Your hair isn't nearly big enough to wear that gold coat. Watch the Bangles in their "Walk Like An Egyptian" video for inspiration. A fried perm, lots of Aquanet & random backcombing will get you that 'stuck your finger in a light socket" look in no time.

In this "prolonged economic downturn" or Econopocalypse or whatever we're calling it these days I read on the internets you're supposed to drape that coat over your concealing hand and bag whilst shoplifting.

Are those Doc Marten MaryJanes you're wearing with that plaid jumper? I had those!

Having an Indian summer in Nebraska? Sounds fab! I'm ready for this Monsoon business to end. Fall is like Spring here in Nepal

Vix said...

That coat is fantastic. The hipsters are all over that mental metallic gold, along with blue lippie and twin top knots.
I love the bag you're carrying with the too-cool-to-be-normal tartan dress and Docs.
Those nature photos are glorious, that fat little yellow bird especially. xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

What a wonderful coat! It's absolutely gorgeous and made for a swanky ball somewhere accompanied by your Prince Charming!

Fab jewellery as always - love the panel bracelet especially.

Then you go from glamour girl to little Miss Demure in your tartan pinafore then Businesswoman of the Year look in your ultrasuede jacket and skirt combo. Your pupils must be taking bets on who their class teacher will be everyday! The ultrasuede jacket cut/shape is so flattering with the skirt.

Warblers and hummingbirds sound amazing. I wasn't sure if you meant they're too late or too early or just not part of the usual flora and fauna where you live?

Hope your week is going well


ThriftyParka said...

Ooooh! I'm quite taken with that gold lame coat! It looks very 80's après ski!! Now that you have the outfit, all you have to do is find a chalet in Switzerland!!

You look mah-velous, as usual.

Happy thrifting ;)

Mim said...

That thrifted flower brooch - love it! The gold lame coat is a Lot Of Look. As you say, at least you'd be seen in it. Perhaps it's what superheroes wear when it gets chilly.

I would cheerfully steal that entire pinafore outfit off of you, it's a smasher.

Our weather's currently very warm, though also very wet. It looks a bit sunnier where you are.

Miss Magpie said...

God I love that tartan dress, I may have to steal that off you!

Polyester Princess said...

I actually thought it was one of those blankets at first ;-) I've never ever seen a coat like that. Thanks for the fashion tip: I had no idea about the draping thing. I'm loving the flowery bracelet and your tartan dress, which I might steal off you if Miss Magpie doesn't beat me to it! xxx

Goody said...

Oh, I hadn't thought of shoplifting ;)
Yep, those are Docs.

The cross hatching on the front of the bag originally held an umbrella, and there's a zip pocket in the handle. I wish they still made bags like that today.

I've done black lippy and a pearly dark purple but I dunno about blue. No topknots here with my thin hair-I'd look like a dog with mange.

At present, Danny is my only student (I'm homeschooling him) but I'm sure no respectable school district would put up with my taste in clothes.

@Thrifty Parka
You know, I'd settle for Lake Geneva, Wisconsin at this point!

The weather is nuts-you're getting summer now?! We had tornado sirens going off tonight-that's not the sort of thing we get past June in Nebraska.

@Miss Magpie
The dress is by R&K Originals which mass produced everything they made-it might be worth checking eBay.

I just can't imagine anyone wearing it with a straight face.