Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend

 We have a long holiday weekend in the US for Thanksgiving, Not being the sort of people that enjoy shopping as a contact sport, we stay away from the crowds and enjoy the holiday at home, or at one of our many beautiful parks.

When Danny was small, I'd set up the artificial Christmas tree and let him spend Thanksgiving day decorating it. That worked to keep him busy, and out of my way as I prepared the evening meal. It  became a family tradition to put up the tree and decorations on Thanksgiving day, and this year was no exception. We had a rather simple meal, went for a long walk, and enjoyed all of Danny's hard work decorating the house. I never enjoyed Thanksgiving until all the relatives either died, or moved far away. I certainly love it now! I know that sounds heartless-just like my family were. I don't miss being insulted, bullied, and treated like shit generally. Anyway, we had a lovely day, and now the house is decorated without my lifting a finger.
I treated myself to this crushed velvet pleated skirt a few weeks ago at K Mart. It was very inexpensive, but worn with better pieces I think it works as a holiday wardrobe staple. The velvet top was something I bought at Marshall Field's back in the early 90's. The over-sized 80's belt was picked up in the thrifts last year.
 Outfit Particulars:
Skirt- K Mart
Velvet top- Field's, 90's
Brooch-K Mart
Handbag-Antique mall
Fragrance-l' Origan
 More velvet! I wore this to Film Streams to watch the live in HD simulcast of the Saturday opera from the Met. It was The Exterminating Angel. I didn't hate it (everyone else seemed to) but I can say I'm REALLY glad I didn't have to sing it! That must be hell on the performers. Anyhoo, it was short, and what more can you ask of an opera? 😉
I found this wool cardigan new with tags a few weeks ago at Goodwill. It is a beautifully made piece, but I don't like how it fits, so will be moving it along. I can only wear a cardigan if it is cropped or over-sized. This sort of thing just accentuates my curved spine and messed-up shoulder. It pains me to let good wool go, but I know I would never wear it again. I'm not in love with the jacket either, but I think shortening the sleeves might resolve the issues.
Outfit Particulars
Vintage velvet trousers-Can't remember
Velvet jacket-Goodwill
Beret- K Mart
Monet necklace-bought it new, can't remember where (early 2000's)

Uh oh.
Time to throw out the pumpkins. We've gone from freezing temperatures to a record-setting 70 degrees F. There's only so much a poor pumpkin can take!
 These earrings get a lot of love. They came from a costume shop as part of a belly-dancer's costume. I find the best accessories (and tights) in those places. They're very lightweight despite the size.

 Another layered-look for unpredictable weather.  I shed the jacket as soon as the sun came out. Those are beads at the edge of the skirt and they made a "twacking" sound each time they hit my boots.
 Outfit Particulars:
Skirt-Filene's 90's
Crochet sweater- Kohls, a few years ago
Jacket-part of a suit
Cinnabar bangle-Hand-Me-Ups
Earrings Nobbie's
Beret-K Mart
Fragrance-Balenciaga l' essence

Hope your week is going along swimmingly.


Bibi Maizoon said...

I'm so glad you had a happy T-giving & are all decorated for Xmas. I don't miss holidays with my family either for the exact same reasons.
That incredible peacock brooch came from Kmart!?! That's amazing! Love your velvet ensembles & that beaded skirt is exquisite.
We're having the 1st ever congressional elections her.! Sunday is phase 1 and Dec 7th is phase 2. Everybody's all excited and election day has been declared a public holiday. Unfortunately there have been strikes, violence (beatings, IEDs/socket & pressure cooker bombs) & what sounds like wild parties- so we're locked in the compound. Even the borders with China & India have been sealed for 72 hrs. WooHoo!

ThriftyParka said...

Sorry I haven't been commenting...I have been peeking into your blog and Goody, you look AMAZEBALLS!!!

Piss on your family for insulting you. They are/we're obviously deficient not to recognize how wonderful you are.

Happy Thanksgiving, eh?

Vix said...

I'm glad you had the Thanksgiving you wanted.
Some fabulous outfits, loving all the metallic bits and that killer peacock feather brooch. xxx

Anonymous said...

That skirt is yet another example of why I love K Mart. I am almost certain that ours will close soon, even this week, when we drove by, there were very few cars in front
Know what you mean about Family Holidays. We prefer to choose our company. JanF

Polyester Princess said...

You are wise to spend the holiday at home, enjoying the time off with Danny and Mr. ETB, and avoiding the crowds! Can you believe that the famous Black Friday has made it to Belgium? I love the silvery crushed velvet skirt and the brooch you're wearing pinned to the purple jacket. But my favourite is your last outfit, with the massive earrings. But: red again? xxx

Miss Magpie said...

Ooooh I love the red handbag and red jumper in the last pictures. I so need to come and raid your handbag collection!!!

You absolutely cannot go wrong with a bit of velvet. xx

Veronica Cooke said...

Happy Thanksgiving and I love how well you have it organised!

You are looking very svelte in that lovely velvet skirt and what a beautiful bag - and as for the brooch; oh my! I love the second outfit too; what a shame about the cardigan. More gorgeous tapestry bags.

I have never see such ginormous earrings as in the last photo - ever!

Hope you have a great weekend.

Sue said...

I am loving your new glasses so much!! I am so happy that you have enjoyment at holidays now, I hear you sister loud and clear. Funny how family can stuff up what is supposed to be a festive holiday, I abandoned my lot years ago for peace and harmony and it works well.

Emily from Etsy said...

Oh, those red and purple outfits are sumptuous! Very well chosen!

You're not alone in thinking that Thanksgiving is better when obligatory family dinners are no longer an issue. Why subject yourself to those when you can make your own traditions?

Since you closed with a photo of ducks, I'll share a silly riddle that a complete stranger at the supermarket told me last week, apropos of nothing....

Q: "Where you duck farts come from?"

A: "From their little butt quacks."

I don't know why he told me that joke, but it made my day. Hopefully it will bring a smile to your face too.

Beth Waltz said...

I enjoyed not one, but two!, glorious Chinese meals with friends and family en lieu of the traditional turkey spread. We're all fans of the classic film "Christmas Story"; hence, the rationalization that we're re-enacting the "Bumpus hounds ate the bird..." episode. Works for us.

And that glittering peacock feather broach works for the lovely velvet! Never did I ever find since glamour at KMart! The crushed velvet skirt intrigues me. What is its color? And the Filene skirt: is it a trophy of a Black Friday sale?

Goody said...

Stay safe. We've been seeing coverage of the elections on the news.

@Thrifty Parka
No need to apologise. I know you are busy! Miss you, and hope you're back blogging soon. Happy belated Thanksgiving (I know yours was in October).

Clearly the new specs aren't helping as I didn't realise it was a peacock feather until you mentioned it! I thought it was some abstract thing.

Our Omaha store is closing, but Council Bluffs is still open. They have a pretty good website with free shipping offers so it might be worth checking out.

I'm so, so sorry about Black Friday. Of all the cultural things America could share with the rest of the world, it had to be crazed shopping.

@Miss Magpie
You need to get your employer to send you to Omaha.

That's just because my arm is hiding my hips. The earrings are very lightweight...unlike me!

Peace and harmony is the way to go, for certain. Who has that much energy for being miserable?

I just shared that with Danny. He gave me his best eye roll but I could see he was trying not to laugh.

I'm glad you had a nice holiday. Chinese food would get my vote over turkey and green bean casserole any day.
The skirt is a silvery grey but the crushed velvet makes it shimmer in the sunlight. The K Mart website has it on sale-it also comes in a dark wine colour.
I avoided sales at Filene's (and hated the basement).I worked there in the 90's for extra cash (worked at Jordan Marsh as well). The employee discount was good enough that I didn't need to bother with the madness of the basement. *shudder* I hate crowds.

beate grigutsch said...

earring envy!!
i´m in love with the 3. outfit - all the super chic pieces and details are totally my cup of tea.....
but of cause you´v done very well on the other looks too, velvet and purple are perfect festive. the silver skirt with that shiny bag is a paring in heaven. but the cardigan would look frumpy on everyone - a shame to put good material into such a poor design......
hooray for relatives-free holidays!

Mim said...

Woah, that peacock feather brooch! Fab! The velvet skirt looks both glam *and* comfy, which makes it a winner in my book.

Your Thanksgiving sounds ace. Pete and I have always preferred quiet Christmasses together, though we didn't usually get to have them while his mum was alive, and I completely understand why you love your Thanksgivings as they are now. Much less fraught.

Goody said...

I'm thinking of binning the cardigan rather than re-donating it so no one else might throw good money at it.

And no one called me fat, which is ever so nice ;)

Radostin said...

I a man glad you had a good holiday. Bad family is so sad. I love all your regally coloured festive outfits. And beaded fringe is to die for!

Goody said...

Bad family is a drag, but a reminder to not behave that way with my own kid. I hope he doesn't grow up to hate us because we've put so much work into being nice to him ;)