Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Hey You Turkeys!

The garden looks a bit bare this time of year.
...so I added these turkey hunting decoys. The neighbours already think of us as the strange ones-it wasn't like a couple turkeys in the raised bed would change anything. Even turkeys won't eat the sorrel. 
Life has been busy lately, which isn't a terrible thing. I've been enjoying using Instagram as I rarely have much to say, but often have interesting photos. 
 I've been hauling out some of my better vintage pieces lately. I suppose as long as it isn't raining or snowing it makes good sense to wear these things so I can get some enjoyment from them.
Outfit Particulars:
Vintage beaded cardigan-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage silk blouse-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage houndstooth skirt-Goodwill (part of a suit)
Tights-K Mart
Shoes-K Mart
Vintage Crown Lewis bag-Goodwill
Pressed poppy brooch-Can't remember
Vintage Jerold coat-Thrift shop in Wahoo, NE

 This silk dress is part of a suit with a matching peplum jacket and similar pleating on the collar. It was made either in the late 40's or early 50's and has a Peck and Peck label inside. My mum adored Peck and Peck department store and their trademark red white and blue items heralding the arrival of spring. I'm wearing the lovely blue rhinestone brooch Beth Waltz kindly sent me, and I must say, it looks like it was made for this dress. I don't imagine I'll ever wear a different brooch with it again-why spoil perfection? Thank you again Beth!
Oooh it sparkles.
 The Mongolian lamb jacket was an impulse buy at Hand-Me-Ups. I absolutely do NOT need more jackets (perhaps, ever) but it was too good to leave. It fitted me perfectly which can only be a sign from the vintage gods.

Outfit Particulars:
Vintage Peck and Peck dress (part of a suit) a defunct thrift shop in Portsmouth, NH before Portsmouth became a tourist town
Vintage Handbag-antique mall
Shoes-Thrift World
Sara Coventry bracelet-Can't remember
Vintage suede gloves-Can't remember
Vintage velvet hat-Hand-Me-Ups
Brooch-Gift from the lovely Beth Waltz
Fragrance-Vintage formulation, Estee Lauder Knowing

So Mr. ETB had his sinus surgery, he's doing well and resting. You'd think if you had a giant polyp in your nose since the late 60's someone, at some point might have removed it. I mean, his dad was a doctor for fuck's sake. But no, he lived with it all these years. Hopefully, he'll spend the rest of his life breathing much better. They did provide pictures (as with the colonoscopy) so I can now say I've had a good look at him from both ends. I will not be posting those, but trust me-that was one big polyp!

I was surprised the procedure was done outpatient, as they gave him general anesthesia (which he's still upstairs sleeping off). Four hours later I was bringing him home but honestly, he was in no condition to leave. The idea that I was going to be able to help a 6'4 250 lb. man up a flight of stairs was perhaps expecting a bit too much. We made it, but if he'd had trouble I'm not sure what I'd have done. Another hour in recovery would have been helpful, but they really do seem to want you out of there as soon as you can stand so they can bring in the next one. We did both laugh at the nurse asking if he wanted to "go potty." He's pushing 60 years of age and she's asking him about going, "potty"? Geez. He goes back next week to have the splints removed. Until then, he can't blow his nose. I can hear him snoring where I am a floor below, so I guess it didn't help with that. Ah well, at least he can breathe.

I'm using all this time at home playing Florence Nightingale to unpack the rest of my winter clothes and launder, sort and pack the summer. I also crocheted two dish cloths as I waited during the operation-so I am accomplishing stuff left and right ;)

Danny just asked if he could store some baseballs in my freezer. I find it best to not ask why when it comes to this sort of thing. *shrug* Sure, just stuff 'em in there next to the snowman's head from last winter. What else would I need a freezer for?

Frozen baseballs. Okay. Sure. See you later.



Bibi Maizoon said...

Gobble Gobble!
We had oodles of wild turkeys where my old house burnt down in California- I wonder if they were broasted in the fires too?
Anyhoo, I see we're moving on to black & beige/tan this week- always a lovely combination. Black & rhinestones are my signature look in western attire (which seems to be limited to Christine Alexander spa suits on my Spa Saturdays!)
That brooch beth sent you is divine!

Propagatrix said...

I have the twin to your lamb jacket, with a matching hat. Twinsies!

Vix said...

I love those turkeys!
Gorgeous dress and you're right, Beth's stunner of a brooch goes perfectly with it. Your Lucite bag, poppy brooch and Persian lamb are gorgeous.
I found an 1980s Peck & Peck jacket in a charity shop in the roughest town in the Black Country a few weeks ago. It's obscenely bright and pure silk with an elasticated waistband - like an upmarket shell suit.
Poor Mr Goody. Fancy the hospital expecting you to get him upstairs. So much for care.
Frozen baseballs? The mind boggles! xxx

Polyester Princess said...

That beaded cardigan is very pretty, and I love the pressed poppy brooch! Beth's brooch is divine, and looks as if it was made for that stunning dress. Would love to see it with the matching peplum jacket! I love your Mongolian lamb jacket. I've got something quite similar, but had no idea it was Mongolian lamb ... Like you, I can never resist a jacket! xxx

Veronica Cooke said...

I do hope Mr ETB recovers quickly from his surgery. It may help his snoring in the future - you never know...

I am racking my brains trying to think why Danny might want to freeze his baseballs but I think you're right it's probably better not to ask!

As for you you are looking very monochromatic in the most stylish of ways. Love the houndstooth skirt and Peck and Peck dress is gorgeous - oh the pleating round the neck is so pretty! The brooch Beth sent you is beautiful and you're right why spoil perfection!

Emily from Etsy said...

Perhaps like the turkey decoys in your front yard, the baseballs in the freezer will give Roland the illusion that he has new friends to hang out with?

Hope Mr. ETB has a speedy recovery!

Goody said...

Black and rhinestone is always a good look!

I suspect we'd be able to get dressed easily should we ever swap houses.

I'm always amazed by the things that end up in your charity shops.
I really hope no smart-ass takes a shot at the decoys with a bb gun. I live in the sort of place where that could happen!

I made progress by purchasing buttons to repair the matching jacket-hopefully I can wear them together soon.

Thank you, he's doing very well. I took him this morning to have the splints removed and he's made due without any pain medication. He's back to work Friday, which is really quick. I'd still be in bed screaming for pain meds ;)

Danny's researching the physics of the baseballs (yeah, me either) so I just let him do whatever it is he's doing.

Beth Waltz said...

Yes! The broach sits perfectly on the Peck & Peck LBD! Not so sure about the baseballs in the freezer combo, however....?

Mim said...

Beth has great taste in brooches, clearly.

I hope Mr ETB is recovering well; he seems to have been in the wars a bit this year. That does seem a remarkably fast time to get him out of the hospital after a general.

I'm trying to think of what Danny might want frozen baseballs for, and can't imagine anything. Are they filled with anything that might have particular properties when frozen?

Radostin said...

I've already admired these outfits on instagram but am pleased to see the details better here! The pleat-collared silk is really something, and I love your sparkly brooch. All the best to Mr EtB, and I do hope the baseballs didn't explode.

Goody said...

Thank you again. The scarf has been getting loads of wear as well in our unpredictable weather.

The argument is always, "Americans have the best healthcare in the world and that's why it is so expensive." Well, the later is true anyway. Seems like if we're paying for it, he should get more than an hour post-op before being pushed out the door...speaking as a consumer.
He's doing some sort of physics study of the baseballs (measuring them for density, mass, etc.) to try to prove...who knows? I'll leave him to it though because...science.

Kezzie said...

I hope Mr ETB is ok.
Again, these are gorgeous outfits- I love the brooches too. You have such a beautiful style.
The turkeys are brilliant! Who cares if the neighbours think you are crazy- all the best people are!
Instagram is very quick- that's what I like about it!