Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Santa Pants and Other News From the Previous Week

Back in late August, when the first Christmas items were filtering into craft stores, I bought this basket shaped like Santa's trousers. They had a similar pair in green which I assume were elf trousers but shoving your hand into an elf's trousers has a completely different vibe, so I  bought the Santa pants. Because I am a hopeless hoarder of fabric I had no difficulty locating some holiday printed quilting cotton to line the basket with. At that point, it was obvious I wouldn't be using it as a basket (who goes to the trouble of lining a basket to hold pine cones?) so I went ahead and made a lid from a sturdy piece of cardboard and covered it with matching fabric.
Ta da! My new holiday handbag set me back a fiver, but I won't be seeing anyone else carrying it around town. I have the first event of the holiday season to attend this weekend and Santa Pants will be a great accessory. Chuffed with how well it turned out, I've been buying up novelty baskets to make into bags. I recently found a straw one shaped like a pig that will make a fun summer bag. Figural basket bags are crazy expensive, so I figure I'm saving myself a small fortune hunting down interesting baskets. That's my argument anyway.
The baking has commenced. The biscuits that need aging (lebkuchen, springerle, peppernuts, etc) are mostly out of the way now. My Christmas cake was baked back in August thanks to Danny, so I can focus my attention on his Birthday cake, and the various holiday breads. I will still make candy to fill Danny's shoe for St. Nicholas night, though I suspect he's wise to me by now😊. There will be Lucia Buns, Stollen, Pannettone, Pulla and whatever else people ask me to bake. Danny will be 13 in a few weeks, and I know he won't want to be doing the big holiday at home thing much longer, so I'm really going all out this year to make it memorable. Thankfully, he's not into material stuff and we're focusing on activities instead. I'm going ahead with the Open House because I really want our neighbours to get to know one another, but I do realise we might be sitting there alone if no one shows.
 On the wardrobe front, I've been doing my best, but I've been feeling less than inspired between our odd weather and the awful fluid retention from long-term use of Prednisone. The good news is I'm currently tapering off it after all these months-the bad news is it didn't help all that much. Anyway, hopefully my face will return to a normal shape soon. I didn't expect to feel worse coming off it, but I'm told that's normal. Anyway, I still need to get dressed every day, so here's a peak at what I wore instead of the dressing gown I'd prefer to stay in all day.

 I love this velvet hat with the tiny feather sticking up-I feel like Robin Hood. The Corde bag with the lucite handle was a thrift shop find years ago. Upon opening it I spotted the tag from the Antique mall for considerably more than I paid for it. It amazes me what people will buy and then re-donate. The skirt is satin with a tulle underskirt and a net and velvet overlay.
This ski sweater is a fun bit of 70's polyester. It has a Dacron label in it, letting you know it was genuine DuPont (yep, the chemical company). I hadn't seen that in years, so naturally I had to buy the sweater. It is very warm, Warmer than wool anyway, but at least wool breathes. I don't think this sweater really fits in with my er...menopausal lifestyle, so it will probably be moved along to a new home. The furry headband (also have one in pink) was kind of plain so I stuck a snowflake brooch on it. The leather skirt and boots are both quite old. I'm never sure how to wear leather without looking like I'm headed to a club, but I have to think a Dacron Polyester ski sweater is about as un-sexy as it gets!
Not sexy but it hasn't stopped creepy men from DMing me on Instagram, Geez. I certainly don't do anything to attract that sort of nonsense, and I'd kinda hoped by my age I wouldn't have to put up with it, but yeah, I figured out how to block people. Sigh, what a world we live in.
 When I was going through my holiday decorations I found these prints I don't remember buying. I'll leave you with a look at them. No idea why they ended up in the Christmas things, but now I need to locate some frames and find a bare wall (no easy task at our house). Hope midweek is treating you well.
 Look, it's Blondin!

I'll be back tomorrow with another Christmas Brooch of the Day.


Bibi Maizoon said...

Your bag is pants maaaaan. A quick google revealed that other folks are using that basket to hold 2 bottles of wine or just a basket full o'goodies. I like your idea best.
Love the pastel mint & black ensemble. I don't recall DuPont being a status label but the 70's were a bit weird. Love the brooch on the headband idea too! Things are still a bit raucous here as the next round of elections are on the 7th.

beate grigutsch said...

you did very good with that basket transforming it into a holiday purse! santa´s pants - gorgeous!!!
very cool kilt outfit - but the green/black one is a real stunner! your plans with the 3.outfit did´t work - you do look sexy - in a very sophisticated way.
creepy man will comment anyway what you´r wearing - potato sack or an astronauts suit.... best to ignore it.
wish you well with the de-medication!

Beth Waltz said...

Those marvelous glasses work with all your variations in style!

You're scholastic in the Santa Pants hit-the-shoppes ensemble; Parisian chic in the green ladies-lunch-chez-somewhere-with-a-wine-list skirt; and sportif in the what-to-wear-when-they-don't-close-the-dome-for-a-hockey-game outfit. The glasses even like hats!

Propagatrix said...

Santa’s Pants make a brilliant bag. Nice work!

When you cull items, do you re-donate them or do you sell them online? I would love the chance to snap up a Goody discard here and there. Also, would you terribly mind sharing your Lucia bun (Lussekatter) recipe, please? I haven’t yet found one I really like and I trust your judgment.

Goody said...

I like the idea of carrying around a couple bottles of wine. I also have a 70's Ortho canning book-yeah the 70's sure were odd!

Thank you. I really don't understand (or want to) how the male brain works.

Thank you. I was pleased to see they worked with hats as I can't be bothered messing with my hair in the winter.

Polyester Princess said...

Your Santa Pants basket is absolutely brilliant, and you're right: you won't come across anyone else carrying one. I am loving the mint green and black ensemble, that skirt is just divine. How clever to pin a brooch to that hat: it's looking fabulous, and you've given me an idea too! Those prints are so sweet, especially Blondin, obviously! xxx

Goody said...

It depends what it is-most run-of-the mill stuff gets re-donated, others get saved for the "eventual" online shop (haven't done it yet). If there's something you'd like though, speak up as odds are I'd just send it to you. I'd advise against that cardigan however-it is frumpy!

The Lucia bun recipe I use is from Beatrice Ojakangas which I found re-posted here by someone else here If you don't own The Great Holiday Baking Book, it is worth buying as the recipes are reliable. I'd be wary of people suggesting more saffron-it can go from pleasant to medicinal quickly if you over-do it. I also stick a sultana/golden raisin in the swirls as that's how the locals do it here. Sometimes I do the "S" shape which is supposed to be a boar (yeah, I know that takes some imagination) or I do the 4-swirl which is a cat (the 4 paws, I guess). You could always work the dough into a wreath and scatter the top with parlsocker. Your call.

For years I used a recipe in the Sunset Bread Book, which is simpler, but less indulgent. I posted that one here:
Both recipes freeze well if you wrap in freezer paper and then in cling film. Good luck.
And seriously, if you've been wanting something you saw on the blog, drop me an email. But not that cardigan because I like you too much to give you something that ugly ;)

Veronica Cooke said...

What a fabulous bag the Santa pants bag is and what a good idea to hunt down baskets to convert into fun bags! Clever you and another reason to go charity shopping!

I loved your outfits. The kilt and jumper are so elegant; I loved the tulle skirt - I want one, too! I loved your snowflake 'very warm' jumper and those boots are amazing. I have a couple of headbands - very useful when out walking and it is frickin freezing here - decorating them with a brooch is a brilliant idea that I am going to steal.

I bet all your neighbours will be only too delighted to come and eat all those wonderful things you've made. I'm surprised you don't find them standing outside your door sniffing the wonderful aromas...

Emily from Etsy said...

I love all those outfits, especially the green and black one! It's so fluffy and inviting, it's like a green pistachio ice cream or a key lime pie.

Dacron really was popular in the '70s. It was mentioned in the classic tween novel by Judy Blume, "Are You There God? It's Me Margaret." In the scene where Margaret goes shopping for training bras with her mother, she opts for the Dacron bra because it was the most comfortable.

You did a great job on the basket. Does the cardboard lid sit loosely on top, or is it fastened somehow?

Goody said...

It was Beth that suggested wearing the brooches on a hat so I must give credit where it is due,

I don't understand people that don't hit the charity shops-who has the sort of money to buy things new?

I'm not sure I read that one (Judy Blume was juuuust slightly after my time). I was more of a nylon bra woman myself, but I hated bulky bras that showed through. Those sheer ones were the best ;)
The lid is held on with Gorilla Glue heavy duty tape (like duct tape, but stronger). It just looks like two leather strips on the lid. I can't say enough good things about that tape.

Emily from Etsy said...

Ah, yes, I see the two strips of tape now in your photo of the basket. What a smart, practical solution!

Propagatrix said...

If Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time is not yet part of your life, let this be your introduction:

Goody said...

I can't un-see that! Don't think I'll ever soften butter quite the same way again.

Vix said...

Once word gets out about your baking skills I can't imagine there'd be a single neighbour who wouldn't want to call round at yours.
Beth's right, those specs add a whole new dimension to everything you wear, they're so good.

Radostin said...

I'd come if you were my neighbour! The mint and black outfit is still my fave. Love the prints, too; the giraffe is particularly endearing.

Goody said...

But the neighbours already know how strange we are ;)

Giraffes just have the sweetest faces, don't they?