Saturday, November 11, 2017

Landing Rocks on the House

This has been a busy weekend so far in Omaha. Last evening, we bundled-up (because it is freezing) and walked two minutes down the street to see the Tree of Lights being lit at 90th and Dodge.
 The crowd was smaller this year (because it is freezing!) but friendly and well behaved. There was music, free food, hot cocoa, and reindeer. Really.
Not something we see everyday in Omaha. 
I'm sure the reindeer were fine with the weather. Did I mention it was freezing? Know what else you don't see everyday? Me, in a red wool coat. It took 40+ years but I think I'm finally over the trauma of that HBC red and black point blanket coat my mother made me wear year after bloody year (she bought it big) until I finally, "Lost" it. Those coats sell for a small fortune now, but I've never regretted binning it. Anyway, here I am in a red wool coat which is surely a sign of progress, no?
Saturday brought the start of the Olympic Curling trials in Omaha. We went down to Stinson park to check out the celebration.
Danny was keen to give it a try. He did manage to land his rock on the house (that sounds worse than it is). You wouldn't think of curling being an exciting spectator sport-but it is! The trials go all week and though we can watch online, we're planning to go and cheer people on in person. Tickets are quite inexpensive. 
If curling isn't your sport you can always try bobsledding.
Just don't forget to rub noses with the snowmen for good luck. 
Walking back we passed this under construction building. No idea what it will be home to, but it does seem unfortunate that it has windows that can't open. Ah well, I'm sure it will glimmer away in the sunlight like a glasshouse once completed. Think of what the air conditioning bills will be like!
There's a sports bar in the neighbourhood that caters to Cubs fans. Danny has a few years before he can go inside (drinking age is 21) so we took his photo instead. "Do something Cub" I told him. 
"Okay, how about choking?!" 
That's my boy, the smartass. Some fan. 
Hope you're having a nice weekend. Stay warm (or cool if you're in the other hemisphere). 


Bibi Maizoon said...

O my heavens. An Xmas tree already. Reindeers & snowmen too. I may be a bit of a Scrooge but I don't miss getting my jingle on in the US of A at all. too many years working retail I suppose.
You are absolutely gorgeous in that scarlet red wool coat! That is soo your color- I look jaundiced in warm reds.
Great photos of Danny- looks like he had fun!

Miss Magpie said...

I LOVE the red coat and you look fabulous in it so keep wearing it!!! (that's an order!)

I also had a huge blanket coat thanks to my Mother, dear god how I hated that enormous mountain of a coat. Mine had a cream background and orange and brown patterning. I used to leave the house in it and then hang it in some bushes on my way to the school bus stop, freeze my ass off all day at school and collect it on the way home! And yes I did get found out eventually.

Polyester Princess said...

When your post popped up, my first thought was, surely that can't be Goody wearing a red coat! But it was, and I think you're looking fabulous in it. And of course, it was perfect for your outing to see the Tree of Lights being lit. That said, I'm loving your blue coat too. I'm always fascinated when I see curling on TV, and keep watching, although I don't really understand what's going on. That glass building does seem to have a built-in Christmas tree, though ... Or maybe I'm just seeing it because of the Christmas posts which seem to be popping up ... xxx

Beth Waltz said...

The new glasses already seem a familiar feature of your style -- a sure sign you "chose wisely". Perhaps it's because your winter wardrobe tends to blocks of color? Love the red wool coat with red lippy!

Curling? I've seen it in the Winter Olympics; however, it's like cricket in that I'm baffled by the rules of play. Landing a rock on the house means as much to me as scoring a Chinaman...but isn't there a broom involved?

beate grigutsch said...

but a red coat suits you sooo well!!!
the teal one is not bad either.... i envy that you have some winter games at your front door - we must drive one hour up the mountains for that - did i say i love winter games and that i´m a nordic skiing enthusiast?

Vix said...

Xmas already? Make it stop, please!
Words cannot express how much i love your specs - they're expensive on UK eBay but a similar pair will be mine.
You look good is red but I understand the reluctance after the childhood trauma.
Danny is hilarious. Did you get to the bottom of the frozen balls? xxx

Goody said...

You wear pink better than anyone I know, which is so much better than red!

@Miss Magpie
Yes Ma'am!
(I'm American, we're good at following orders ;))

You're right about the building-i wonder if the occupants will light it up for Christmas?

The brooms sweep ahead of the stone to help it glide across the ice. As for cricket...can't help you there. Mr. ETB works with someone that was a bit of a star player years ago in India, but otherwise we just don't know much about the sport.

My skiing days are over, but I do enjoy watching the Olympics. I live in a very flat part of the US, so any skiing is either on man-made mountains or requires a trip to the Rockies. I'd like Danny to learn, but he isn't keen.

I hope you find a pair-they're great fun to wear.
The frozen baseballs is to see if it impacts their density, as well as the overall size (do they expand and contract in heat and cold). He's convinced the newer baseballs have something different that makes them easier to hit harder. So, science!

Propagatrix said...

Goody, did you ever ski at Wilmot Mountain in Wisconsin? That’s the town where I grew up.

Mim said...

Don't let the evil blanket coat dictate your life! It is gone and has no power over you.

Curling is a spectator sport here in the UK, I've even seen it on the telly. Probably because it's one of the few things Team GB can get medals for at the winter Olympics - the Scottish women are brilliant at it.

beate grigutsch said...

@skiing: nordic skiing needs no mountains - only snow :-) and it can be done with old wrecked bones like mine:

Goody said...

Yes, of course! I don't remember much about the town itself though.

Scottish women are brilliant at most things ;)

@Beate Ah, okay, now I know what you mean.

Radostin said...

You look wonderful in the red coat - like Rose Red in the fairy tale. But I don't remember the tale itself, so no tragic association meant (if there is one), just the aesthetic. Being a long-limbed child my coat-related-suffering memories are more about cold wrists and thighs as the coat that fit was too short in the sleeves & hem...

Veronica Cooke said...

You look gorgeous in your red coat and what fabulous lippy!! It may have been freezing but you look very warm and cozy. Doesn't Danny look like you!

Stay warm.

Cee said...

I love the coat and the glasses :D