Thursday, November 09, 2017

Oh Magoo, You've Done it Again!

I didn't put it together when I purchased the new frames, but after wearing them a bit it became obvious...
That's O.K. I do have a bit of a bumbling streak, and I can't see much of anything without specs. That's how life is-you go for fashionable, and end up with Mr. Magoo.
I'm seeing much better now. Hopefully, this will help with the headaches brought on by eye strain. The frames are quite light which is a good thing as the lenses are not. I can't believe how bloody heavy they are. Still, compared to my old frames they are a joy to wear and likely won't freeze my face in the cold. I knew my vision had worsened but I wasn't aware just how severely until I put on the new prescription. Yikes. Lesson learned-get an eye exam every year. 
I'm pleased that the frames are so large I can quit tweezing my eyebrows if I wish, as no one can see them. Unfortunately, you have a now perfect anti-glare-line-free look at my eyes and my cack-handed approach to applying mascara is going to require a bit more finesse. 
Outfit Particulars:
Vintage crochet (or is it knit?) sweater-Goodwill
90's skirt-Filene's (bought it new)
1970's handbag-Goodwill
Beret-Omaha Weavers and Spinners Guild Fiber Arts Show a few years ago (coming up again 18 November 2017. Worth a trip to Omaha.)
Jade (?) bracelet-Goodwill
Danish Modernist ring-Goodwill
Egyptian ring-Thrift shop in Seward, NE
Metallic boots-Goodwill
Mexican necklace-yard sale
Eyeglass Frames-Kate Spade
 I could not tell the front from the back of this sweater! After trying it both ways several times, I gave up and figure if I can't see a difference, no one else will either.
Mr. ETB is doing well after his surgery-thank you all for your well wishes. I'm going to drive him to work for a bit just to be safe, but he seems otherwise fully recovered. That's a great relief as I was worried (probably more worried than he). 

November is shaping up to be a busy month for us, and December...well, between the holidays and Danny's birthday we decided to host a holiday open house for friends and our neighbours on the street, the weekend before Christmas. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking either. It will be a nice way for newer people in the neighbourhood to meet people that have been here a bit-if they'll attend. I could be sitting here alone eating cake by myself. In Boston I always had a house full of people dropping in, but in Omaha people just go home at night and stay there. I never see people sitting out in the summer, or socialising. Anyway, we'll do our part for trying to at the very least make introductions, but I'm not overly optimistic. Perhaps the promise of home-baked mince pies and conversation will perform some sort of magic. 

I'll see you (better than previously) later, alligator. 


Bibi Maizoon said...

I like the Magoo glasses & think they're chic. I am so glad to hear Mr ETB is doing well. Those metallic boots are #bombAF
My glasses have always been thick (terribly nearsighted) & heavy so I've always had to choose small plastic rectangular frames so the lenses would be as small as possible to minimize weight & distortion.
I didn't know people even had holiday open houses anymore- have not been to one since I was a child- good for you for hosting one!

beate grigutsch said...

your new glasses are totally fab!!
i wish a had found something like this here in germany when i was searching for new ones last winter....
love your - knitted! - sweater, the wide sleeves and the narrow bodice are very chic as is the cream color. gorgeous styling too!
wish you success with your party!

Vix said...

Those glasses are fabulous! I want some.
The jumper and hat are lovely on you. I've just bought a vintage hand knit jumper, I don't do knitwear but couldn't resist this one.

Mim said...

The very round glasses and crocheted sweater (it's deffo crochet) have a jazz age look to my eyes, even though none of the bits are actually 20s. Voluminous sleeves always look very 30s to me, so maybe that's why.

I hope you get lots of neighbours visiting - once they've had some of your baked goods I'm sure they'll be regular visitors. "Just dropping by... WHERE ARE THE CAKES?"

Beth Waltz said...

Kate Spade frames! When you go for new glasses, you travel in style! The Iris Apfel touch stands up to those handsome metallic boots, and to the weight of the sweater and beret. (Love berets! A lady who shops locally uses hers to display her holiday pin collection.)

Heroic you, prize-winning mother and son bakers, hosting an open house during the holidays. One suspects the neighbors will appear carrying doggie bags...

Once upon a time, when we were young females venturing into the world of at-home fundraising for a gifted kids' project, friends and I attempted such an event. We were discussing whether to rent chairs when my mother passed through the room and remarked: "Are you mad? You'll never get rid of them with X's cakes! Take out all the chairs and leave only the sofa for the old ladies."

Veronica Cooke said...

The specs are fab and it's good you're seeing a whole new world now!

Glad to hear Mr. ETB is recovering well.

I've tried but cannot work out whether the jumper is knit or crochet. Whatever it is it's lovely and the sleeves are brilliant.

I think your idea of 'open house' is lovely and I hope you get lots of visitors. It's shame I live so far away; I'd love to drop on for a mince pie!

Polyester Princess said...

I too am a big fan of your Magoo glasses and if it means less eyebrow plucking, surely that can only be a bonus! I'm loving that chunky knit jumper, but as I can neither knit nor crochet, do not take my word for it. But if Beate says it's knit, than it is. Anyway, it looks very warm and cozy and the sleeves are fantastic. Good to hear Mr. ETB is on the mend. xxx

Radostin said...

I'm amazed that there isn't a consensus regarding the jumper. Anyway, I agree with Mim, it's definitely crochet and not knit. I looooove the sleeves. Your new glasses are the cats meow. Great boots too.

Goody said...

New Year's Day is more traditional for an Open House (at least when I was a child)but who wants a bunch of hungover people milling about?

Ah, so it is knit! Thank you for clearing that up for me. It is a very soft acrylic yarn, the sort that was popular in the 70's.

They were sold as sunnies, and are available in red, white and even tortoise. Check eBay-you should be able to find a pair inexpensively.

The plot thickens-so it is crochet?!
I feel like I've been channeling Bonnie Parker the past few days with the interesting knits, heavy cabled tights and berets. Thank goodness I'm not inspired to rob banks or something!
I had a neighbour in Boston that would let herself in (we always had the door open) and pour herself a cup of coffee. More than once I came downstairs to find her sitting at my kitchen table. The 90's were a simpler time ;)

The frames were surprisingly inexpensive for designer. I asked the young man working for the largest frames he had-and he brought me these. I never looked at another pair. I regret not getting a tint as they're SO big-I didn't expect to see quite so much of myself in them.
Good advice about the chairs. I have six dining room chairs, a desk chair and a piano bench on the first floor-anyone else can sit on the stairs like the kids do. Most people at parties just hang out in the kitchen anyway.

If you ever did end up here I'd send you home a stone heavier, but we'd have seriously good times!

My crochet skills are limited to a simple chain stitch for making cotton dishwashing cloths and the occasional scarf. I'm all thumbs.

I was thinking I might be able to run a coloured piece of yarn or ribbon through the wide part of the sleeves to create another look without altering it. OK so that's two for crochet and one for knit:)

Kezzie said...

The street party sounds lovely! What a nice ideea even if you are regretting it now!!! I love the glasses and I laughed at your eyebrows comment.
I reallylike the sweater- the sort of balloon/bell sleeves really appeal to me and it is a super match with the beret!x

Goody said...

Thank you. I aspire to have a brooch collection like yours. you have wonderful taste.