Friday, November 03, 2017

More Black and Yellow

At least it is a change from wearing brown all the time.

So here we are again in the black and yellow section of my wardrobe. I haven't wortn this dress on the blog since 2014, so it seemed time to revisit this loud Frocky Horror.
There's a Made in Korea tag inside the dress which supports my theory that it hails from the 80's (we imported tonnes of stuff from Korea in the 70's and 80's). No shoulder pads, though something makes me think there might have been originally. The top is quite roomy (but the buttons still manage to gape) and would accommodate some padding through the shoulder area. I suspect it would have also had a fabric belt, though I see no sign of belt loops. The wide sleeves are meant to be cuffed, though they never quite stay that way. Being linen, I suppose the dress could be starched and ironed but ....oh ha ha ha ha ha! You don't really think I'd do that, do you?! Good lord, no. So I'm going with the "lived-in" look here, which is a more truthful way to wear linen anyway. Yes, it creases-badly. *Shrug*.
 I was thinking about ways to incorporate more colour into the yellow/black look. A deep green might work here, and I did wear green earrings, but otherwise I think it can be difficult unless you get just the right hue. Dark red might go as well, which also shows up in the multi-coloured brooch I selected. Still, in the end I kept the outfit rather plain because with a print like this I didn't want anything trying to compete with it. This isn't the time for purple boots. Well, scratch that-it would depend on the boots. You see the dilemma.
Outfit Particulars:
1980's linen dress-Goodwill
Tights-K Mart
Vintage velvet shoes-Thrift World
Gold bangles-all over
Vintage brooch-Goodwill (I think?)
Vintage handbag-Goodwill

I'm not sure how long I can keep this colour theme going, but I might be able to eek out a couple more days. I like a challenge. 


Bibi Maizoon said...

For some reason the first thing I thought of when I saw that dress was Charlie Brown & his yellow & black shirt. Very cartoonishly 80's from the color scheme to the baggy shoulders (which would accommodate pads). I like to think of linen as textured not creased. Ironing is a national pastime in south Asia- every thing from underwear to sheets to shirts to jeans (!) I refuse to iron unless absolutely necessary (like never).

Tatiana is a floral/woods/musk thing that veers white flowers. Top notes: bergamot, hyacinth and orange blossom. Heart: gardenia, jasmine, narcissus, rose and tuberose. Base: amber, musk and sandalwood. Even though it has 2 of my most disliked flowers (narcissus & hyacinth) and can veer to smelling rather 'bug spray' with it's sharpness on some people - I like it! I like it because I like florals and this perfume was sooooo different from the plasticky vanillas & cloyingly sweet ethyl maltol bombs that are/were popular. Tatiana was my first white floral love & probably my rebuttal to the gallons of Giorgio my mom wore.

Radostin said...

I love this dress, it's really splendid. I gather it's warmed up again after the freeze, if you're wearing linen repeatedly? Actually I think it would be wonderful with purple boots. That way you could wear it again in under three years, as it would be a really different look. Your black and gold pumps are of course a much more elegant pairing. Looking forward to your next iteration of yellow and black - in fact, perhaps I shall join you tomorrow xx

Polyester Princess said...

I was going to say, what do you mean Frocky Horror? It's fabulous! But then I learned of all its shortcomings. Gaping buttons, cuffs that won't stay put, and above all, the ironing requirements ** shudder ** It's still looking fabulous, though, and no need to go overboard with the accessories. xxx

Goody said...

Yes! Charlie Brown. I hadn't put it together, but you nailed it. On paper, Tatiana sounds like "not my thing" but I'll give it a sniff next time I see it. Thank you for the heads-up.

It is still cold but eh, that's what coats are for ;)

If it weren't for the creasing I could live with the rest of it. I'm keeping it anyway, but it does prevent me wearing it often.

Vix said...

That dress looked wonderful when I scrolled through my Bloglovin' feed. It would look wonderful with purple boots (I've got a bit of a purple boot obsession at the mo, if you weren't already aware.)

Goody said...

I'll consider that your blessing to wear my crazy purple boots.