Monday, November 12, 2007

Ask A Nebraskan

OK you Nebraska readers out there (and some of you Iowans as well): where can I find beef suet?

I tried the Wahoo Locker (they just laughed), BIG Meats, and Just Good Meat. Apparently, butchers no longer hang and trim the slabs anymore and those of us that like a couple of cups on hand to dice up in the mincemeat are out of luck.

I mean, if you can't get beef suet in The Beef State, I just don't know what the world (or Nebraska) is coming to.

I'd like to find some in the next couple weeks to put-up mincemeat for Christmas. Any ideas?



Jenn said...

I can't tell you where to find suet in Nebraska (although the butcher here in Milestone will get you as much as you want, all you have to do is ask and he'll save it), but I can give you my grandmothers recipe for mincemeat that was passed down from her Grandmother in the UK. It's fabulous stuff, and even better with a great dollop of booze filled hard sauce.

Goody said...

I would be honoured to prepare your heirloom mincemeat.

The recipe I have pretty much sits in the fridge with candied fruits,raisins, nuts and suet. You give it a wee drink of brandy here and there to keep it from drying out, and in a few weeks, it is ready. Perfectly passable, but nothing really special. I'd love to try making yours.

As the suet situation looks now, I'll likely need to special order it by post and end up paying a fortune for what is basically, garbage. Strange, as it was always readilly available in Boston-hardly a beef packing kind of place.