Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So, What Do You Do For Fun?

Hey, know what's fun? How about taking your son for his three-year check-up and having blood drawn? What? Not enough fun? How about having to do it over ten minutes later because the nurse messed-up the label and the lab downstairs wouldn't risk the liability of processing it (even after the doctor called down and explained it). Oh, now that sure was fun-but wait, there's more! We had to get a flu shot. Along with all the poking, prodding and checking of ears for penguins (I really don't know how he keeps getting penguins in his ears, but the little stinkers keep finding their way in) it was a fun-filled trip to Omaha.

It was about 4:30 by the time we got out of there, so we did what any good parents would do-we took Danny out for ice cream. Believe it or not, he still came home and ate a dinner of chick pea salad and roasted red peppers, so I'm not too worried about the chocolate shake.

This was Danny's first time in a Runza (we eat away from home maybe twice a year-tops) and I was really pretty proud of how well-behaved he was, sitting there eating his milkshake, and I must admit I was silently congratulating myself for being such a superior mother-at least until he began chanting (loudly):

I got the runs at Runza!

It was slightly less mortifying than the time he announced publicly: "Mummy's underwear is held together with safety pins!"

Good thing he's really cute.

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