Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Rumbling In The Distance

We were sitting in the dining room when a loud rumble was heard outside.

"Was that thunder?" asked my husband.
"No, farmer." I replied, without looking up.

A few seconds later he rumbled by with the large tractor. Hubby was impressed. What's more, I knew it was the Belarus by the sound, but no one likes a show-off.

Danny dragged me half asleep to the window earlier this week because Farmer Neighbour had his combine out. Usually, I only get dragged to the window with an excited, "Mama come look!" when Bubba is here to change the tractor tires. No really, he calls himself that, I'm not being condescending. Granted, if you've never seen tires changed on large farm equipment it really is something to see, but I didn't think I'd be getting dragged away from my coffee to gawk at Farmer's shiny red Case combine. I mean, it's nice, and costs more than most houses but still.

Danny has his heart set on being a combine for Halloween so I've started gathering materials for the costume. I have boxes and elastic to hold the thing up and some of those Styrofoam cones people use to make centrepieces. Those are for the corn head in front. I need to get out the glue and spray paint, but I've been stalling because I know as soon as I spray it red, he'll freak out and decide he didn't want to be a Case, he wanted to be a New Holland, and then I'll have to re-paint the damn thing blue. So we'll wait until he's positive about makes and models before painting. I suspect, after watching Farmer Neighbour's shiny red combine this week, we'll be painting it a case. We'll see.

As the woman at the supermarket who gave me the box noted;
"They never just want to be a ghost, do they?"


Danny just dragged me to his bedroom window (it faces their equipment shed) to see them backing large carts of hay bales into it by the light of tractor headlights. It's supposed to rain tonight and the hay shed was destroyed in the tornado, so I guess they're improvising. They're going to have a long night, I hope Danny isn't up until midnight standing at the window watching them. It must be funny to them, looking over and seeing Danny studying their every movements. At least, I hope they're amused. Maybe they can hire him in a few years.

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