Monday, April 13, 2009

Gourmet Magazine, You Suck

It didn't always suck, and up until the last few years, I could assume that following the recipes would result in something edible. Since their recipes seem to fail more often now than they succeed, I have to say that I'm through wasting ingredients and time on at best, adequate results. Today's attempt at THIS was an absolute disaster.

The candied fennel hardened into fennel candy sticks-not really the pleasant topping I imagined for an upside down cake. What's more, fennel is expensive. I. Am. So. Annoyed. It sounded odd to me as I read the recipe, but I went with it figuring it was tested. I no longer believe this recipe was tested. It was inedible. Blech.

No more subscription-I wouldn't even leave these crummy magazines in the Free pile at the library. Boo, hiss.


Raymond said...

Buy some glue-sticks, posterboard and round-tipped scissors and I'll bet that vivid-imagination Danny could make some clever collages with the pictures from the magazines. You know, like "Eat THIS you naughty Gitmo prisoners! HA! Eating this non-tested recipe muck will teach YOU who's the right god!"

Goody said...

Maybe I could start rating the recipes as:

Hunger Strike material or not.