Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tractor Test Museum

Things have been a bit unpleasant lately, so I wanted to do something Danny might enjoy. If you guessed standing in freezing cold rain early on a Saturday morning with a group of very old men looking at very old tractors-you're correct.

It was open house day at the UNL Tractor Test Museum. Very educational-but cold.

Unfortunately, Mr. Eat The Blog was unable to join us as he had other commitments today, but I know he'll be green with envy when he find out we were able to watch someone spend the better part of an hour attempting to start an old oil-pull tractor. When we left, he was still trying. That's sort of a drag because it was one of the main draws of the event. Hopefully they got it going.

If I sound less than excited, Danny is more than making up for my lack of interest. We did make the obligatory stop at the farm store on the way home for a tractor toy. Danny selected a New Holland tractor which actually suprised me a bit as no one we know has one. Usually kids like what they are familiar with. Maybe it's a form of rebellion-like the kid in a family of White Sox fans that starts cheering the Red Sox.

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