Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bay Laurel


Danny has informed me that the laurel is sacred to Apollo. So there you are. When in doubt, ask a six year old classicist.

I bought one today, at the Spring Affair Plant Sale. I also bought a new variety of Goldenrod, and Mr. ETB bought some oregano to grow in a container. He bought the Greek kind (blech). It seems that bringing home a bay laurel and Greek oregano demands naming-don't you agree? Homer? Aristotle? I'm not a Classics expert, I just teach it. Who is associated with the laurel? I really should know this, shouldn't I?

Anyway, the laurel will need to be potted, and brought in through the winter months, but I've seen them thrive indoors. We've agreed to build a poly-tunnel sort of thing for cold weather gardening, so perhaps it can overwinter there-we'll see.

I'll have you know, I practised great restraint at the sale today spending the grand sum of fourteen dollars. Our house is white, and I've been pretty careful with keeping the flowering plants to the red/orange/yellow end of the range. I do want a bluebell patch at some point in back, but that's something for next year. I feel like such a dictator telling Danny he can't have purple iris, but someone has to instill some sort of order...and I'm awfully good at playing garden dictator. I'm giving serious thought to building him a playhouse in the back that he can design the garden for. That would be pretty cool, don't you think? Danny already has his own vegetable patch to tend.

If anyone has advice for growing laurel in the American Midwest, I'm all ears.

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