Sunday, April 03, 2011

Library Sale, Sunday

Skipping the Saturday sale worked out well, as much of the stuff I didn't want disappeared, and the stuff I did want came clearly into view. For example, the issues of Art in America from 1972 were just sitting there looking lonely on a shelf. If you saw a copy of Art in America with Lee Krasner on the cover, you'd buy it, correct? I can't believe it was just sitting there.

You know you spend too much time at the library when a volunteer comes calling for you in the loo saying, "Your husband needs another dollar, shall I take it to him for you?" I thought that was pretty amusing.

I'm a bit fanatical in my love of Padraic Colum's work. I came home with four, first editions that were obviously donated to the sale as they had no library markings. Throw in some Willy Pogany illustrations and I'm in book collector's heaven.

Vintage cookbooks, gardening books, field guides for insects, birds, and Native grasses of Nebraska, all found their way into our stacks. Folklore, classics, sewing, history...all sorts of things I overlooked on Friday when the shelves were full.

I haven't lugged anything in from the car yet, but I'll try to get some detailed posts done throughout the week. I splurged and bought a pile of sheet music for ukelele-not that I plan to take up the instrument, but because the late 1940's artwork on the covers seemed worthy of framing. Really, how on earth could someone pass that by?

I'm completely exhausted, and next week (and weekend) are looking full as well, but I do find there's time fr the garden-here's what I do:
1). Send the boys outside before breakfast to do the heavy digging/tilling/etc.
2). Stay inside, stepping out to supervise every so often.

Amazingly, the heavy work gets done without my breaking a sweat. I did make them breakfast as I sort of felt I owed them some beans on toast for all the effort. Mr. ETB came in the house and asked if I was making kedgeree. He's going to need to do more than clear a patch of garden for fish and eggs before nine on a Sunday morning. I made potatoes though. Potatoes are good for energy.

Next weekend-Severe Weather Symposium. Be there, or be square.

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