Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

We did the natural-dye eggs this year (like everyone else) and I can say with authority that turmeric is the overall best at dyeing the eggs. Coffee came in a close second. I'm not sure I saved that much money as coffee and spices are kind of pricey, but Danny had fun.

On the years that Easter and Passover overlap, it becomes a challenge filling the Easter basket in an inter-faith family. We bought Danny non-candy items like mosquito netting, a lantern with an led light, sketching materials, some games, and things of that sort. I found some nut-free candy that didn't have corn syrup (you're not permitted corn at passover) so that worked out OK, but I can't say he was exactly jumping up and down at the sight of a box of Andes mints. No disrespect to Andes mints of course, because we ordinarily love them.

I hope you have a lovely Easter.

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