Friday, April 01, 2011

Not A Bad Haul-Library Sale, Day 1

It was insanely busy, which is unusual for a Friday morning, but word must be getting out about the .25 cent (red X) and .50 cent(blue X) books. Ran into all the regulars, which is kind of like seeing far-flung family at holidays, weddings and funerals.

"Scowly Northerner" was there as well. I don't know what his deal is, but I keep running into him at book sales, the grocer, gallery openings-the dude is everywhere...and unfailingly, scowling. He's got a strange Northern dialect I can't quite place, hence the moniker. I don't think I'm the object of the scowl-he's like that to everyone.

Tweedy OAP was there too. I like him, but then I'm a sucker for men in knit vests and tweed sportcoats, even if it is 68 degrees f. outside. Once, in the baking aisle at Peony Park he was looking for something, spotted me and demanded I find the coconut for him, because he knew I could read. Then, thanking me he proceeded to mutter something so wildly obscene I doubled over laughing. I can't wait until I'm really old and can get away with that sort of thing. He was going to lift a box of books for me, but I wouldn't let him. Oh, I'm sure he could handle it, but I didn't want him wasting what was left of his testosterone on me when there was a flame-headed, retired maths teacher less than 10 yards away. They would be cute together.

Anyway, here's a quick look at some of the better finds:

Dover edition, nothing fancy, but nice to own.

Q: What's in a Nanaimo Bar?
A: Drunks and whores, mostly.

Sorry. I've been waiting years to tell that joke. This pamphlet was published by Canadian Travel Bureau in 1967. Nothing terribly exciting, just the usual pork fat and cracklings spread (no, I haven't tried it-don't plan on it either).

How about nature books? Do you like nature books? I found an interesting one from the leftover writings of the WPA programme.
Inside cover:

Sure, why not for .25

I'm a sucker for nice woodcuts.

Another favourite children's author.

This one is amusing, though somewhat heavy-handed and preachy.This is a book of music and poetry taught in Catholic schools in the 1930's. Interesting selections, nice illustrations, printed on good, heavy paper.

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