Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Garden Progress

Everything I planted in March is up-the spinach, peas, fava beans, escarole, and forget-me-nots. The rocket is still thriving on the windowsil, and most of my indoor seedlings have been potted up into larger containers. If only it would warm up a bit. We're still getting overnight temperatures in the 30's, and I'm reluctant to risk direct sowing of flowers quite yet. The sunflowers I seeded indoors are very slowly beginning to emerge. The carnations seem happy enough. Out of an entire packet (a large packet at that) of rosemary, I managed three thriving plants. I suppose that will eventually be a considerable amount if they make it, but gosh-rosemary is really difficult to grow from seed. Now I know why I've always resorted to plants from the garden centre. I swear, if the bagworms get my rosemary this year, I'm done. Done, I tell you.

We've had tons of rain over the past few days, and although cold, everything is wonderfully green. I have new garden gloves...I'd like to use them already! We're still running our heat. Come on spring, show your face already!

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