Thursday, November 10, 2011

Slide Rules at the Ready!

I scored a book at the Swanson Branch weekly library sale that covers every imaginable thing you could ever wish to calculate with a slide rule. That cost me .25 a bargain compared to the 1950's arithmetic text I paid a dear .50 for. My younger self probably never imagined herself a maths teacher. Is it some sort of character flaw that I get excited by slide rule manuals? I need to get out more.

The time change is kicking my arse. I can't recall ever being disrupted by the switch, but this year-this year has been hell. I wake at 3 AM and that's it-I can't get back to sleep. After a couple nights of this, I started going to bed at 9 PM, and when I find myself wide-awake at 3, I get up and bake. And bake. And bake. Dear god, I've baked. It has grown so out of control, this insomnia-induced cookery, that I brought a large box of biscuits to the volunteers at the library sale today. I've made mandel brot, homemade Hob-Nobs, spice and currant muffins, sour cream bread, butter cookies, coconut washboards, an apple/cranberry pie, flatbreads, more candy than I care to think about, chutney, mustard, pumpkin curry...I really ought to be tired. I've written lesson plans for the next few months.

I don't suppose buying a large stack of cookery books at the sale is going to help any.

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