Saturday, November 26, 2011

Something to Consider... you draw your Christmas cards and decorations.

Sometimes, I get a glimpse through others of what Danny will be like in forty years. I have no difficulty imagining him outraged over some similar issue.

I'm going to print off copies of this, and take it to the observatory tonight. Live in Eastern Nebraska and having nothing to do on a Saturday night? If you show up a bit later after the small children go home to bed, there's less of a crush for viewing. The observatory and the library are the only places I go that I don't feel like a complete freak, and no one expects me to talk about football.


Cheryl said...

I also notice when the crescent moon is an illogical shape. Don't even get me started on stars appearing within the crescent.

I once flipped out on a book that talked about going out at midnight to look at Orion... in May. Ah, no.

Goody said...

*Nods head*.