Saturday, July 18, 2015

Fetch My Owl, We're Headed to Olympus

Fine, Omaha, not Olympus. Same difference.  Chilly Willy is keeping watch in the garden, and cheering-up passersby. 
We've been known to do this sort of thing before in a heatwave...
Someone has to maintain a sense of humour around here-might as well be us. Man, I do NOT miss keeping that lawn maintained in the heat. I think Danny was about 6 in that photo.

 If you're headed off to Mt. Olympus for the weekend to listen to lyre music and eat ambrosia, you'll want to dress for it. The gods are very particular about accessories (can't go wrong with gold) so wear it if you have it!
 I took this photo in my chariot Ford Focus.
We headed out early before the heat warnings are in place (after 2 PM). True to my promise to wear as little clothing as possible, I selected this purple dress I bought a few years ago and am first getting around to wearing (purple is hard to wear). This seemed like a good time to wear the kind-of-Cycladic brooch as well.

Outfit Particulars:
Maggie London dress-Goodwill
Y&S Original purse-New Life Thrift
Kathy Van Zeeland shoes-Goodwill
Large bracelet-Claire's
Earrings-Free gift from an Etsy seller
Rings-all over
Liz Claiborne belt-Hand-Me-Ups
Lippy-Revlon Super Lustrous Fuchsia Fusion (which is identical to the old, Sea Fleur, if you've been missing it for the last 35 years)
Fragrance-Courreges in Blue (should have worn Kouros, I know).

The library has a community puzzle in the reading room for people to help complete. Some take longer than others to finish, but this one seems to be going along at a good clip. It isn't unusual to see young and old, and people from all walls of life sitting and working on the puzzle together.
 Have I mentioned how much we love our library? They had some sort of programme for very young children going on today with music and dancing-it sounded like fun!
 The library is an excellent place to ride out a heatwave.

 Behold, the boob-enlarging power of pleats! Yeah well, "The bigger the better" etc. Works on hips too, but there's only so much I can blame on pleats.
 I like this back detail quite a bit. The blousing of the material around the cutaway does lighten the feel of the dress and permit a breeze. I do wish the hem wasn't one of those high-low designs that make you feel like a mermaid dragging a tail as I had to consider how the outfit would look from both front and rear which made selecting shoes difficult. It also causes run-on sentences. High-low hems are bad for fashion, and grammar.

Look who fledged! Out of the nest, and swooping all over the neighbourhood. I keep refilling the water for the birds, but other than a few sparrows and finches I haven't seen many birds bathing and splashing about. The grackles like to drink from it though, so I suppose it is worth keeping refilled. I don't know why birds don't just head over to the pool? I know I would if I were a bird. Perhaps they don't like the chlorine.

Tomorrow, the Retro-TV channel is having a 3 hour (Tour) Gilligan's Island special complete with commentary from from, "Mary Ann." I somehow ended up in charge of a Gilligan's Island party complete with tropical drinks, costumes, and Polynesian style food ("Bring on the Pu-Pu Platter!"). Not that I need an occasion to break out my Tiki items, but this is as good a reason as any. Maybe they're finally gonna get off of that island...

 Have a great weekend, everyone!


Bibi said...

Loving the "Olympus goes Disco" ensemble & of course gold accessories are the bomb diggety.
An American hair stylist by the name of Janet Stephens has several YouTube videos recreating & demonstrating ancient hairstyles from Cleopatra to the Vestal Virgins. I wasted an afternoon fascinated by her videos.
Is Danny going to be Gilligan & Mr ETB the Skipper?
Oh geez, now I've got the "tiki tiki tiki tiki room" song going through my head.

Beth Waltz said...

This is nothing less than goddess-dressing! The bag is a surprisingly adept accessory, rather like repurposed armor of Minerva. The Cycladic neck ornament proves the designer knew exactly which channel she was dialing...

About the puzzle. Once upon a time I worked with a man who knew Stan Laurel when Laurel was working with Dick VanDyke on the DVD show. The writers came up dry for a story and turned to old Stan. He told them that was the story, Dick's writers pod needing a storyline. Very weak, they said. Yes, he agreed, and that's why we'll fix it with the traditional bad script fixer-upper, a huge jigsaw puzzle placed in the middle of the action for every actor to fiddle with as they enter and exit.

Stan wouldn't charge them for the fix. He said his father, a theatrical entrepreneur, used it to fix a dire melodrama. He simply added the puzzle to the existing stage action, e.g., revealing the depths of the villain's evil when he pocketed a piece of the sky! Victorian audiences hissed.

Mim said...

Is a pu-pu platter really a thing? (*Childish snorts*)

If anyone should have a chariot, it is you. I bet you'd put blades on the wheels too.

Goody said...

I think I've seen some of those videos-quite cool.
Only Danny gets to dress as Skipper, 'caus he has the hat.

@Beth Waltz
That's fascinating about the puzzle fix. What a great story.

The pu-pu-latter is indeed real. Most of the time it is a fried egg roll, spareribs, and shrimp toast, but I've seen some pretty elaborate ones at American-style Chinese places.

Sue said...

OMFG you look gorgeous in that purple frock, with all your gold accessories dripping off you. I was waiting for the Ms Munroe shot over a vent!!

ThriftyParka said...

You look like a Greek Goddess/Librarian in that beautiful dress. Hmmm, I must think of an appropriate mythological name for you. Perhaps Violettis, keeper of the scrolls?

Hope your heatwave abates. My bf, myself and 3/4 of our offspring are heading off to Chicago - I've been checking the temperatures and Chicago is 10 degrees Celcius hotter than Thunder Bay!! I anticipate many Popsicle purchases.

Happy thrifting :)

Goody said...

I forgot my pervert-proof panties so I had to avoid drafts!

@Thrift Parka
Since I probably can't talk you out of it (I'm from Chicago and I won't go near the place)I recommend you get yourself to The Mexican Shop in Evanston to do a bit of shopping. 801 Dempster St. There used to be some decent thrift stores in the Belmont and Sheffield area, but ask around as it might all be gentrified within an inch of its life now.

If you head to the South Side looking for something to do the Oriental Institute museum at the University of Chicago is worth visiting. 1155 E 58th st. There used to be a bus that would take you there from downtown. The Seminary Co Op Bookstore is in a new location (haven't been there) down the street from the old one, and it was the single best bookstore I've been in, EVER. 5751 S. Woodlawn Ave. Easily walking distance from Oriental Institute .

I can't tell you about Navy Pier or any of the tourist spots because it was just a pier (for the Navy) when I lived there.

The rest of the city is a hell-hole ;)
Have fun!

Curtise said...

Ooh, I don't know about purple being difficult, you're not having any trouble looking fabulous in that frock! It's got a whole 1970s Studio 54 thing going on. Never mind a chariot, you need a white horse. Love it! xxx