Thursday, July 09, 2015

Love and Sausages

Perhaps the hair flowers weren't such a great idea. All afternoon I found myself being swiped past by wasps. They're smart enough to figure out the flowers are fake, but perhaps I'm cruel to confuse them so. I really don't want to tempt fate with wasps so close to my face. 

Making good on my promise to show a bit more of my handbag collection, here's a rather well done Collins-esque bag.

 It wasn't in very good shape when I found it for $2.99. There are a couple missing gems, the handle has ben (poorly) repaired, and it had decades of nicotine grime all over the vinyl trim and handles. I'm sure the cloth was ten shades lighter originally as well, but other than a good vacuuming with the hand-vac, there isn't much to be done for that. Once the old cigarette odours were aired out, it was starting to look like a use a bag I could use. I cleaned the vinyl with Dawn detergent  which is my go-to product for grime. They use it to clean oil off of birds and animals after oil spills, so
40 years of nicotine stains on a handbag were no match. I'm not being compensated by the makers of Dawn, I do use and like the product for cleaning vinyl. On dishes I use something milder. Anyway, the vinyl cleaned up nicely (inside and out) and I now have a bargain bag that goes with most of my wardrobe. Nifty, eh? I will probably have the handle fixed properly at some point.
This Banana Republic skirt came from Hand-Me-Ups and set me back $7.00 which is more than I like to spend on skirts. It is well-made, inside and out and the colour, rick rack trim and length are perfect for me. Unfortunately, I just don't like the way it hits my waist and hips. I feel like a sausage. A very nice sausage, but sausage still. I don't plan to lose any weight, so I think the skirt will be going back to Hand-Me-Ups in the form of a donation. I wonder how many times they see the same items return? It is strange, that Banana Republic was selling skirts like this-what happened to all the safari clothes? Sort of related-Square Dance Safari would be a terrific blog name, feel free to use it.
 Two arms of bangles because...summer!

 The plastic earrings I treasure more than my diamonds. Is there anything better than perfect plastic hoop earrings? I think not.

Outfit Particulars:

Peasant blouse-K Mart (a few years ago)
Jones New York cardigan-Hand-Me-Ups
Necklace-Sarpy County Historical Society Yard Sale
Brooch-Thrift store in Seward, NE
Banana Republic skirt-Hand-Me-Ups
Shoes-Goodwil or Hand-Me-Ups (can't remember)
Collins-esque bag-Goodwill
Vintage earrings-Salvation Army
Bangles-all over
Rings-all over
Hair flowers-Tiff and Tam
Lippy-Revlon Wine With Everything
Fragrance-Bvlgari Omnia Coral ( a blind buy from Marshalls that turned out to be an addictive fruity/floral summery fragrance that I never would have bought had I read the notes. A great and wonderful surprise).

Yep, that skirt is a damn sausage casing.

Sausages. Sausages! Sausages are...gooooood.
Kind of long, but totally worth nine minutes of your time. We can no longer utter the word, "Sausages" in our house without someone screaming, "Sausages are good!"


Janice Weyand said...

Peasant blouses are the best. I've owned several over the years and tend to wear them until they're thread bare. In fact, that should go on my shopping list. I need a new one.

The flowers in your hair might be fake and attracting the wasps but I can appreciate that effort. I'm lucky for the most part if my hair isn't slung up on my head in a messy bun or a clip of some sort.

I will tell you this, reading your posts makes me at least take into consideration my appearance everyday. I've actually made an effort of late to wear lipstick. Now, if only I could catch on with the jewelry thing. My mom would be so proud if I looked like a proper laaady!

Bibi said...

Well I'm rather fond of your bejeweled & blinged bag with it's antique nicotine patina. It would go with my blinged & bejeweled sandal collection nicely.
Dawn + vinegar mixed with enough water to thin it to spraying consistency takes care of the toughest soap scum & hard water build up. Spray it on, leave over night 'et voila' scum wipes away! And holy moly do we have hard water in the Himalayas, like you get scoured in the shower by it.
I think I've been in Banana Republic twice looking for pharmacisty- type khaki trousers. I don't recall seeing anything with as much personality as that skirt there. Drop waisted skirts only work for long waisted ladies, of which sadly I am not either.

ThriftyParka said...

OMG I LOVE KIDS IN THE HALL!!! I don't know how I missed the episode with sausage in it.

I wanted to say something clever about the gorgeous handbag and outfit (I think the skirt looks great on you!!)...but I'm too distracted by Scott Thompson.

"You heard me, keep your eyes on the sausages." Wahhhhh!!!

Off to check YouTube for KITH.

thank you

Goody said...

I have to find you a hair clip *with* the flower on it.
If I could wear jeans and a flannel shirt without looking dumpy, I would. For myself I'll always be more comfortable in a skirt than trousers, but that's just me. I'm not sure it makes me a laaaady ;)
I can't even THINK without lipstick on.

I never thought to mix it with vinegar-thanks! I use a rag soaked in vinegar on the taps for shine, but never on the tub grime.
We have luxurious soft water in the city, but the well on the farm was another story. We kept breaking washing machines as the silt would build up and the gears couldn't take it. On the down side-soft water takes forever to rinse the shampoo out of your hair with.

@Thrifty Parka
Don't forget, "Fine ham abounds, mom!"
Fortunately I don't serve ham, or we'd have that routine going as well.

Autumn said...

I'm tempted to start a blog now just so I can use the name "Square Dance Safari". Hmmm.

Goody said...


Oh, please do. PLEASE!

Sue said...

I hate clothes that make me sausage like and believe me there are plenty that try to do that, but I fight the buggers off and retreat safely to my layers of float and freedom!! See I don't see sausage with that skirt on you I see cool and comfortable with lots of gorgeous on the side!!

Propagatrix said...

"Love and Sausages" is one of my favorites. One of the transit systems I take to work only sells passes via snail mail, so I have to send them a check every month. I seal the envelope with a lipstick kiss and I always think of that sketch.

Propagatrix said...

Also, "Terrier Song" is usually lurking somewhere in my head. It gets tangled up with "These Are the Daves I Know'" because they're almost exactly the same song.

Goody said...

I adore the way you do layers-they always look so fun and chic on you. I can't pull it off without looking frumpy (I'm barely 5'2)but if there's a next life and I get to come back taller, I know where I'm getting my fashion ideas from! I do hope my bookmarks will still be there in the afterlife. Better yet, I'll just haunt you and steal your clothes like some sort of irritating poltergeist that always scuffs up your favourite shoes.

Oh god, I'm picturing employees waiting excitedly for your payments and tacking the envelopes to a bulletin board. You're doing a good deed giving mailroom employees something to look forward to.

You know, they keep doing these live tours that get nowhere near where I live. I'd get in the car and drive to Madison or Kansas city, but no they insist on playing upstate New York and other places I can't go. I live in the middle of the United States-it just seems wrong that I can't get to anywhere they're playing. I've been watching the crappy quality uploads on Youtube, but it ain't the same. I just want to hear Running Faggot done live. Is that too much to ask?

Beth Waltz said...

Hmm. This is sorta an exceedingly-well-groomed Frida K. look until one gets to the Enid Collins bag. I say keep the bag and donate the skirt! Sue is right: no matter how good it looks, if an outfit doesn't make one feel good, it goes!

I do like those Bakelite bangles in colors of cream, caramel and honey. Yum!

Goody said...

@Beth Waltz

I laughed at the "exceedingly well-groomed Frida K."

Curtise said...

You don't look like a sausage, not at all. You look elegant in a folky sort of way, with added Enid Collins-esque glamour. But as we all know, if you FEEL sausage-like, then the skirt is a no-go, regardless of what anyone says. xxx