Sunday, July 05, 2015

I Didn't Do It

 I dunno, modern life is getting a bit vulgar for my tastes. Everyone's so clever...or they think they are.

 "I didn't do anything to your pool-I wasn't even near it."
 " Pee. Not Bee."
 "Fine then."

 "Not I, but I might go eat that tomato."
 "It wasn't me. Ask the cat in the planter beside me."
 "Pee in the pool?! How dare you! Well I never!"
 "In the pool? No...but I did get the rain gauge. Sorry."
 "It wasn't us, but someone is spraying-we had to get our rain gear. Ask the cat in the planter next door."
 "I won't have my ability to hold my urine impugned this way. I simply won't have it!"
"Oh just shut up, will you?"

Well if none of us are responsible that only leaves...

"You'll never know, will you?" (Evil laugh).


 "Don't ask me that again.
Outfit Particulars:

Jumpsuit-K Mart (last year)

Danny bought this terrible toy where you essentially feed plastic hamburgers to a pig until it explodes. He wants to dress it in a suit and feed it toy money and re-brand it as, "Capitalist Pig." Leave it to my kid to come up with that.

I particularly like that you have to whack it on the head to make it swallow the food. Nice.

Cheap camera, sorry.
 Last evening we returned to our private firework viewing location high atop Burt Street to watch the show(s). The people across the street were putting on a better show than the municipal one. I can't imagine how many thousands of dollars they spent doing it, but I'm sure everyone in the neighbourhood appreciated it (well, maybe not their pets)-it was great!

But now all's quiet again, and summer rolls along until labour day. 
 I've been playing that game where I try to wear as little clothing as possible without being indecent. This skirt is very light-perhaps a bit too light as I discovered with the first good wind.
 It wouldn't be summer without my favourite straw-look bag.
 ...and photos of my shoes taken in the car.
 ...because it gets boring waiting for Mr. ETB to finish up in the auto parts store.

This was a first wear for this carousel horse pin.

 Outfit Particulars:

Laura Ashley shell top-Goodwill
Blue necklace-Goodwill
White Necklace-A thrift shop in Seward, NE
Skirt-Thrift World
Shoes-K Mart
Fragrance-Guerlain Cour des Senteurs Versailles (I went to a bit of trouble securing a decant of this only to discover it smells like Jean Nate. No shit. I'm glad I didn't go for a huge bottle. I like Jean Nate, but I wouldn't travel to France to buy it. It could be that I'm missing something (like the jasmine) but really-I'm not sure I could tell it from Jean Nate in a blind testing).

Now, as to who peed in the pool? That mystery may remain unsolved, but it should be clean again by Monday (they did have to do a drain/re-treat last week after a particularly heavy rain (or peeing). I sincerely hope so-I'm getting behind on my leisure time, and we wouldn't want that.

NO Peeing!


Beth Waltz said...

Well, you did make me snigger. That pool potion would make a perfect "wacky gift" for the annual holiday Mensan gift exchange, surpassing even my rare Burmese airline barfbag.

The pantsuit is tres chic! The skirt and blouse combo works because of those crisp turquoise accessories you've assembled. Very Helgaesque and one can't say better than that!

As for the "Capitalist Pig" -- this might gain traction as a fund raising item for the Young Democrats. Or since the beast is carnivorous (and real pigs really are!) perhaps an eye-catching counter sales item for a local vegetarian restaurant? It's very encouraging to see Danny's entrepreneurial feathers beginning to fluff.

Goody said...

@Beth Waltz

Danny's been buying up all the silk scarves he finds in thrift stores for .50 to eventually sell on Ebay. The kid can spot a Vera or Liberty from across the store.

Helgaesque is a compliment of the highest order. Thank You.

Bibi said...

The problem with capitalist pigs is that they never do explode no matter how much $ they scoff down.
What a shame about the Guerlain. It would seem Guerlain is going for quantity over quality these days.
Love that Kmart jumpsuit.
No one steals your darling little animals in your garden? Someone climbed the 8 ft wall surrounding our house to steal a 50lb wooden Buddha out of my garden. I suppose anyone that steals a Buddha probably needs it more than I do though.

Goody said...


Stealing a Buddha is all kinds of wrong. I pick the animal statues up at thrift stores, so it wouldn't be much of a loss if they were swiped, but thus far we've been lucky. Someone's been going around the city stealing plants, digging them straight from the ground-I hope we miss that.

We do have a security guard and cameras which I suppose is a bit of a deterrent.

Sue said...

Still giggling at the who peed in the pool story!! You will never know, the ranks have closed on that subject. Capitalist Pig, great idea Danny, the lad has a BRAIN!!! I know that feeling of wearing as little as possible without being arrested, good luck, maybe knickers and a caftan!! As you take the layers off I am piling them on.

Mim said...

I love your kitsch kitties, they're adorable.

You do look good in a jumpsuit.

Goody said...


Would you believe the pool is still closed? I mean, what in the world did they do to it?!?


As I'm allergic to cats, this is as close as I get to pets.