Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Remember When "Needy" Was an Insult?

"We don't need shark hats...we need food!"

Continuing from yesterday's post about your "Shark Party Needs" I've been thinking about the way marketing types use the word, "Needs." Since Monday, I've read recipes for, "Smoothie needs", heard an ad for a pharmacy that can help with your, "Health needs", and been screamed at from a headline in my local paper about "Back to school needs." Look, I will never ever, need a smoothie with raw kale and coconut water. Ever. If it does happen, then the only thing I'll be in "need" of is a solid punch upside my head. I promise you, I don't have kale smoothie needs. Likewise, when I go to the pharmacy, it is for a problem. There's nothing wrong with having a problem-problems can be resolved. Needs are more complicated, and typically involve spending money. And let's be honest, most "Needs" are really anything but, and it takes advertising to convince you otherwise. "Your shark week wants" is awkward and doesn't quite roll off the tongue in the same way.
"Yeah? Well I have needs too, you know. Before we had the extra mouths to feed your father used to bring me all sorts of lovely insects. Now everything is, "Must feed the hatchlings". Just shut up with your needy bullshit already."

See? Needs with respect to subsistence is different. Helpless baby birds have needs. Middle class people have kale smoothie and shark party needs.
"But... we really needed the kale smoothie!"

Thanks for indulging me. *Steps down off soapbox*.

 Now, how about we turn our attention to "Wants?" This morning's breakfast was some lightly toasted buttermilk white bread spread with a thin layer of cream cheese, topped with nectarines and a pinch of brown sugar. A dab of butter, then under the broiler until the sugar bubbles. No, you don't need it but if you have good nectarines to hand-you'll want to try it. The season is so short, and thus far the fruit has been exceptional.
 "I fancy a bit of kale, if I'm honest."

 I was getting ready to leave the house, and remembered I'd forgotten to put on my rings. I joked to Danny that I'd better put on my wedding band so I don't get any weirdos trying to pick me up.
"Does that even ever happen to women your age?" He wanted to know.

I'm still thinking of a suitable punishment. I mean...geez.
 I dug out this teal bangle that doesn't get worn nearly as much as it ought to.
And these dangly shell earrings, and white necklace.
 I bought this maxi at Goodwill yesterday for .99 cents and am ever so pleased with the way it looks. I didn't need it-I wanted it. The dress appeared to have been taken-in on top, and I was concerned it might not fit, but I bought it anyway figuring it would fit somebody and at that price, I wasn't leaving it. Fortunately, it does fit and it was perfect for a day of walking about outside in the sunshine. I do know that this was originally intended as a hostess type dress that likely never saw the public beyond a patio but after 45 years or so, most people have forgotten that and today a polyester maxi is perfectly appropriate daywear. If any elderly persons were shocked, they kept it to themselves.

Outfit Particulars:

1970's Kenny Classics polyester maxi dress-Goodwill
1960's teal bangle-Imaginarium
White bangle-Goodwill
1960's vinyl bag-Etsy
Shell earrings-Sears, a few years ago
1960's Sara Coventry white necklace- now defunct antique shop

No pattypan or beans yet, but we're just starting to see buds. I sowed more lettuce seeds, which I've been doing every two weeks so that ought to keep us going through autumn. I'm afraid the peppers may be doomed, but we'll see.
Thanks again for indulging my lecture. Remember, no matter what the birds tell you, kale is an ornamental plant. Nice in a lawn, but unsuitable for human consumption. I hope I've met all your blog reading needs for today.


Sue said...

Needs smeeds!! I am all for WANTS!! If you want it, then go get it!! I dislike the work needs too. Lovin' your long 99c frock, you are by far the best shopper, and you so wanted to need that frock didn't you!! Garden is amping there love, very impressed with the efforts and all your garden wants is feeding so you can want the produce when it provides.

Curtise said...

You're right, we really NEED very little to survive, but we might WANT all kinds of shit. But hey, if we can afford it and it makes us happy, then why not? And at 99 cents, I would have wanted that maxi very badly, and it would make me very happy too! You look great (I both wanted and needed to tell you that!) xxx

ThriftyParka said...

You look stunning in that dress.

Good thing you had your rings on - what on earth would you have said if you had been propositioned??? Inquiring minds need to know. :)

Goody said...

No, YOU are the best shopper!

My needs are quite cheap (did that sound as bad as I think it did?).

@Thrifty Parka
What would I have said? I might have knocked him over in a hurry to get in his arms ;)

Beth Waltz said...

The floral maxi ensemble is summer at its best! Cool blues -- a handsome teal bangle! -- shell jewelry and a pretty bag. Just the thing to wear when gracefully ascending a soapbox for a righteous rant.

Kale? Kale was designed by the Creator to be placed beneath roasts to provide a green border for aesthetic pleasure (and to soak up the grease so it doesn't drip on the tablecloth).

Goody said...

@Beth Waltz

...and for feeding to guinea pigs. Let's not forget the use of kale as pet food.

Northern mum down South said...

I've recently discovered kale actually and it was in a smoothie made by my daughter. We have decided we like it better as a cooked vegetable.
I love that new dress, great colour and style and you look fabulous in it.

Goody said...


I've grown it, and picked very early it can go raw into a salad mixed with other lettuces, but otherwise...yes, cook it. There's a variety that does well in our climate called, Red Russian, that is so mild it tastes more like spinach. If you can get hold of that one, it is almost pleasant.

Drinking a kale smoothie, even one made by your requires courage. Well done!