Thursday, July 16, 2015

Some Cute Recent Finds

 Just a very quick post of some vintage 70's mugs and a nice brooch all found at thrift stores this week.
 A meadowlark on a branch rather than a post (which is now the default pose for meadowlarks).
 A gigantic key brooch to open...I dunno.
1970's mugs-Hand-Me-Ups
1970's brooch-Goodwill

Whoo hoo, almost Friday!


Curtise said...

Well, clearly it's the key to your heart, darling!
Pretty birdies. I'm too knackered to shop, it's a disaster... xxx

Bibi said...

We had those cups with some sort of faux Portmeiron botanical print on them.
Love that key brooch.
Absolutely miserable here, our road was a river for about 8 hrs yesterday due to monsoon downpours. The flood water washed the rather rank & ripe contents of the neighborhood trash dump & buffalo wallow up into our driveway. Peee-ewww it stinks. Temp here is 87 F with an Accuweather 'real feel' of 101F. Blah.

Sue said...

I was just about to say the same as Curtise! Nice mugs.

Goody said...

*Slaps Head* of course it is!
I wonder, does working in a charity shop have the same impact like people who work in bakeries not being able to eat cake? I certainly hope not. Get some rest, you deserve it.

Yeah, "Country livin'" ain't glamourous ;)

Thank you, you should see my jugs!