Saturday, July 04, 2015

Independence Day 2015

Hello, Washington the Eagle here to tell you about our 4th of July picnic. Goody was tired, so she asked if I'd handle the post.

We packed the hamper and headed over to Pipal park, which was largely abandoned for our holiday picnic. The other birds looked jealous as they had only worms to eat.
This year, the humans bought proper dishes to use at the picnic. For readers outside of the US, the image is the Liberty Bell.
 The paper flags were a nice touch.
 The coleslaw was excellent. Potato salad is fine, but when an Eagle gets hungry (and there isn't any fish) only finely shredded cabbage and carrots will satisfy.
Sigh, you want to know what's in the sandwich, don't you? She made Coronation Tofu (like Coronation chicken, but with tofu as they're vegetarians, you see?).

Washington: Seriously? You made Coronation Chicken for the 4th of July picnic?
Goody: Yes, why not? My mother always did.
Washington: Of course she did. 
Goody: Oh, yeah that's funny. I never put it together.
Washington: Of course you didn't...loyalist.
Goody: Can we change the subject before I'm tarred and feathered?
Washington: You mother had a sense of humour. What happened to you?

To be honest, it was excellent Coronation Tofu. I mean, you wouldn't even know it was baked tofu instead of chicken by the time she covered it in curry powder, salad cream, and homemade chutney. We're just not tofu hot dog people. We did get bottles of special soda for the occasion which was a bit of a treat. I can't drink too much as it gives me gas. Do my feathers look bloated to you?
There's fireworks again tonight, but last evening we were able to watch the neighbourhood pyromaniacs shooting them off in backyards. Tonight Goody is taking the good camera and a tripod so hopefully the photos will be better...but you get the idea.
 The abandoned parking lot of the college next door is a prime firework viewing location. The security guard stopped to say hello, told Danny it was OK to play with his gunpowder snaps, and off he rode leaving us to a panoramic view of explosions all through the neighbourhood. This is a very high point at the top of a hill, so the view is excellent. You could say it was an eagle's eye view.
The 17 year cicadas are singing in the trees, but they haven't started to fall yet (when they're done mating). The noise in our neighbourhood isn't too terrible considering how many trees we have, but some areas are finding it deafening. I thought you might enjoy a little sound clip.
Happy Birthday America. You don't look a day over 200.


ThriftyParka said...

Coronation Chicken, er Tofu, I love it!!! And I love that cute red, white and blue shirt on that cute kid of yours.

Happy 4th of July!!!

Helga said...

I love your 4th Julys!!! I've been over there for two of them, ad had such a blast. We hav a similar day, Waitangi Day, but it's usually fraught with angst. A day off is a day off though.
That darling eagle would look divoon on your HEAD>

Bibi said...

Pipal park?
A pipal tree as in Ficus religiosa the sacred fig under which Buddha attained enlightenment (bodhi) while meditating?
In Omaha? Really?
I wonder how my little vegetarian Indian tribe here would like Coronation Tofu. They like salad cream & tofu but Kashmiris don't have much of a taste for sweets. They even drink their tea salted & buttered, called 'noon chai' as do Tibetans. Oh well, I'm deathly allergic to soy. Looks deeelish though!
Strawberry crush! I haven't seen that in a while. Makes you pee pink if you drink enough.
There's a 4th of July celebration at the US embassy in Kathmandu yearly but we've never been.
Looks like it was a splendid picnic!

Beth Waltz said...

Ah, I had wondered about the 'Coronation' aspect of the dish...

This particular eagle is a bird of placid mein. He does look as though he'd be willing to indulge in a nice tangy cole slaw (that reminds him of pike).

Kudos for schlepping real china to the picnic! Hyacinth Bucket, she of the 'reparian buffet', would approve!

Sue said...

Well happy birthday USA, sorry I am late, but I know you will forgive me. LOVE picnics and even tho I aren't a vego I would give your coronation chicken a shot, but you would probably have to tell me it was tofu after I had eaten it and declared how divine it was!!! Can't wait to see the firework photos!!!!

Goody said...

@Thrifty Parka

Danny says "Thank you." That's his favourite shirt too.

Consider this an invitation to visit any 4th of July you like (or whenever, really we'd love to host you and G). Omaha would never be the same, that's for certain!

My grandmother drank that sort of thing when they had to flee for Siberia at the start of WWI. I think she said it was yak butter tea that they lived on.

Being allergic to soy must be difficult-it is practically everything these days.

@Beth Waltz
It really didn't dawn on me until Mr. ETB started joking about my being a Loyalist. It was a face-palm-slap moment.

On behalf of the entire USA, we forgive you ;)
Next year, you bring the Jell-O!

Mr. ETB isn't a vegetarian, so I do occasionally roast him a duck or some lamb chops, but at home he typically eats as we do.