Thursday, July 23, 2015

She Sells Sea Shells By the Platte River?!

 Landlocked as I am in the centre of the US, I'll take any coastal reference I can get. I miss the ocean.
The skirt is hand-sewn and there's an exact skirt in a different print that were both donated to the thrift store together. I bought both, not because the sewing is good (it isn't) but because the fabrics were so great. This one is a heavy rayon-almost like the cold rayon you find in 40's dresses, and it is lined in an equal quality material. That's so rare that I can forgive unfinished seams and shaky sewing (I wonder if it was a student project?).

 I resisted the urge to wear every shell accessory I own (and there are many) favouring quality over quantity. These tiny painted shells on my clip earrings are so cheerful. I can't, "Hear" the sea in them, of course.
This wooden and shell belt I bought some time ago figuring there would be something in my wardrobe to go with it. Today that finally happened which made me feel better about that $1.99 I forked over for it. All those tiny shells being strung onto a belt must have been maddening work for the crafts person making it. It was marked, Indonesia, and my guess is it was a tourist item. The belt is very well made.
Speaking of tropical, the gardenia finally decided to bloom. It was rather late this year. It isn't helped by the sparrows that like to sit in the branches and kick off the buds before they have a chance to flower. They must assume that a pretty little tree next to a parking lot is for their benefit-why else would you put a tree there if not for sparrows to sit in?
I thought this ring could be the ocean.

Outfit Particulars:
Peasant blouse-K Mart
Wood and shell belt-Hand-Me-Ups
Ring-Hobby Lobby
Earrings-New Life Thrift
Both Necklaces-Thrift World
Fragrance-Oleg Cassini for Women (though I should have worn CB I Hate Perfume, Mr. Hulout's Holiday, which is a nice aquatic, and I have it. Oh well, next time).

I stopped at the Church consignment boutique today to check it out. If I were looking for nice clothes to wear to work, or a party it would be great, if a little pricier than I'm used to with thrift stores. They've lost their minds on the pricing of vintage though, and most of it looked like you'd need some sort of immunization after handling them. Probably not a place I would shop regularly, but it was in the neighbourhood, and I found a nicer-than-typical dress for $12.00

The *real* shopping excitement came at the Friends of the Library Book Sale today. I've been ill all week, and really didn't feel up to going, but I'm glad I did. They had a cart of old VHS tapes for .25 cents. I spotted, Clash of the Titans and complained to Danny that they never have Jason and the Argonauts, which I've spent years searching for. Before the words were fully out my mouth-there it was! A moment later, I spotted all three Sinbad movies! I wasn't jumping up and down or anything (I'm still too weak for that) but I was so overjoyed and happy I think it might have frightened the volunteers. They're used to a more sedate version of my personality. We came right home and watched Jason and the Argonauts. I was surprised Danny remembered so much of it from the first time he saw it (he was about four and there were still video stores to rent from). So anyway, another "Sea" reference.

I remember seeing Jason and the Argonauts when it made a return to the theatres about a few years after it was released. They'd been hyping it, and I'd seen the clips and posters and really wanted to see it. It wasn't my mum's sort of movie, and my sister couldn't be bothered so finally my dad took a rare Saturday off from work and took me to see it. I want to say it was the Pickwick theatre, but after so many years I can't be certain. I remember it being a somewhat older theatre, and that it wasn't terribly full even for a Saturday matinee.
Here's a clip of the skeleton fight. Only after looking around YouTube did I notice the full movie is available. Still, it was fun to sit and watch it with Danny on a television screen. I would love to see it in a theatre again. They did give the myth a Hollywood ending however, so if you'd like a less Hollywood version of Medea's story, The Passolini version is also available on YouTube. I loved that movie so damn much, but not the sort of thing to watch with a ten year old.
I wonder if I wore something in an African print if I'd find a copy of The African Queen at the sale next week? I still need to watch that one with Danny before the summer is over.

I'm sure this weekend won't be nearly as exciting as last, what with the Gilligan's Island party and all...

But that's no reason to pack away the coconut cups and palm tree! 
I didn't read the dimensions on the palm tree carefully, and I had a bit of a Spinal Tap/Stonehenge moment when I saw how small it was. 

I hope you have a great weekend. 


Mim said...

Oooh, video WIN! Some of those old stop-motion films are really good.

Gardenias are lovely. I tried growing one but it died; I think the chalky soil wasn't to its liking. I should settle for gardenia perfume.

Goody said...

My gardenia is in a pot that we bring in each winter. I think it wants to die, but being an anniversary present feels obligated to just keep hanging in there as a symbolic gesture ;)

The Liz Taylor gardenia perfume is rather nice for an inexpensive fragrance.

Bibi said...

Has Danny seen the 7 Faces of Dr. Lao with Tony Randall? My sons loved that when they were Danny's age. It has the funky Ray Harryhausen effects, a great script, & some fantastic make up work as well as a glimpse of a very young pre Jeannie Barbara Eden.
I heard they bleeped out all the 'Praise be to Allah' & other Islamic references in the Sinbad movies for PC reasons.
Loving that beaded & bejeweled bag.
I'm trying to get over my negative associations with gardenia & am wearing Monyette. I figure a floral blast of the South Pacific might just be the thing to ameliorate the monsoon heat, stench, & bugs. It's hard to out stink a rank & festering buffalo wallow in mid summer. Blech.

Propagatrix said...

Jason and the Argonauts is still incredible. We have a couple of the skeleton army figures.

If the Pickwick was your local theater, the world just got smaller. My dad grew up on Canfield Avenue in Norwood Park and my aunt still lives nearby on S. Prospect in Park Ridge. I lived the first 18 months of my life in Park Ridge. My dad went back and forth from Wisconsin to Norwood Park every day to teach shop at Taft High.

Goody said...


Eeek! I feel like Haley Mills. For the record, I was born at Edgewater hospital in Chicago. Please say you weren't ;).

I also lived in Park Ridge for a time (about a year) but I was much older. I grew up in Skokie before moving to Highland Park in 4th grade. I graduated from Deerfield High because if I'd attended HP...well, I couldn't. Junior High was enough for me!

My dad liked the Pickwick because the shows were cheaper, and it was cleaner than the Skokie theatre. I'm sure if we had the choice it would have been the Pickwick, and then he could stop for something to eat at Booby's in Niles before going home to endure whatever my mother tried cooking. We didn't go to Park Ridge/Niles without a trip to Booby's.

Goody said...

I'm going to be seriously pissed off if my version has been edited for Islamaphobia. (Mumbles to self about companies catering to ignorant bigots).

7 Faces of Dr. Lao sounds great-I've somehow managed to miss it all these years. I'll look for it.

Curtise said...

Oh yes, that skirt is lovely, and works perfectly with your Enid-esque bag and the belt. Who cares about a bit of inexpert sewing if the price is right? But the real star of the show? Those delightful earrings!
I love those Harryhausen films, and the skeleton fight is legendary in our house. I feel a movie marathon coming on! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Ray Harryhausen was a genius! Would that a time machine (and he had one) could warp us back for a prowl around his office to peek at the artifacts and sketches.

The skirt was made for the belt. I, too, would excuse minor faults for the joy of heavy rayon and a lining. The Enid Collins bag calls for a bit of pearlescent bling -- enter those charming earrings!

Hope the success of your thrifting expeditions spurs your recovery from whatever ailed you. It's worrying that you didn't feel up to telling the sparrows to "get off my greenery!"

Goody said...

I'm glad to hear your kids like those movies as well. I'll take Harryhausen films over Pixar any day.

@Beth Waltz
Shortly before he died the Guardian sent a reporter around for an interview, and I seem to recall mention of owls and other figures around the house.