Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Shark Needs

 Well, we all have needs, and for some of us it involves sharks. Who am I to judge?
 If there's one thing I really hate it is a shark chewing my head.
Do I look like a friggin dolphin or something?
I see myself as more piranha, honestly.
 Shark needs met, we wandered over to Earl May (or, he may not...depends on his mood) nurseries for more garden stakes. This is a much smaller centre than Mullhalls, but part of a larger company. I like both garden centres, and they tend to be better for different things. The help are very nice at Earl May, and what they lack in selection they make up for in price. Stakes are stakes (unless you're after vampires and require all-wood) and these are the least expensive we've run across.
Danny spotted this beetle on the flowers and noticed it is uncommon for this part of the country. He reckons it hitched a ride on the flowers from the Southwest.
 I love walking around garden centres this time of year-it is like a nature park without the muddy trails.
Plenty of bees gathering pollen. Danny's been teaching me about the different bees, which has been fascinating.

Outfit Particulars:

1970's Lady Devon pleated skirt-Goodwill .99 cents
Sleeveless blouse-Sears, ages ago
1980's Talbots silk jacket-Goodwill
1960's Gaymode handbag-Salvation Army
Naturalizer sandals-Hand-Me-Ups?
Earrings-K Mart
Square bangles-K Mart
Fragrance-Je Reviens, Worth

I hope your week is going well, and that all your Shark Week needs have been met, whatever they may be.


Beth Waltz said...

The earrings, the bag, the shoes with that jacket -- you've achieved that effortless appearance of well-tuned accessories that avoid the dull *thud* of matchy-matchy.

The only shark I'm keen about is MaxArthur, the cat who rides a Roomba wearing a blue shark suit.

My borage patch is humming this year with honey bees and ground bumbles. No sign yet of the hornet hunters -- now those guys are really scary, even if they don't usually sting people! (Usually see them when the cicadas are about.)

Goody said...

@Beth Waltz

So you found the missing honey bees then?
They do seem to love borage-I wonder if the colour attracts them as the purple/blue flowers in my garden seem to get all the bees as well. Are you doing anything with your borage? I'm using the flowers in ice cubes and salads, but I've never bothered with the leaves (I guess the prickly bit falls off when cooked). I candied a few flowers when I did violets, but they were rather uninteresting tasting.

Beth Waltz said...

Local apiarists no longer dare to keep rows of hives for fear of epidemics, so what one sees are a few hives tucked here and there in the corners of fields and sheltered in disused farmyards. A little sign goes up at the end of the lane when hive business must be conducted, not that any sane person would knowingly intrude.

I do like borage flowers in my ice cubes and salads; however, I've never tried to candy them. The leaves? I've never tried this trick but family lore has it that well-dried borage leaves can be crumbled into dust and the dust used to create the shaman's *poof* effect when tossed into a bonfire. (I'm not responsible for the results if Danny runs with this...)

Mim said...

Aren't you in a landlocked state? Poor sharks!

Goody said...

Yes, we are although in the prehistoric age there were in fact sharks in Nebraska. I only know this because the natural history museum has a wall painted with sharks that reads, "Sharks? In Nebraska?!"

Sigh. My life really is this dull.