Saturday, April 08, 2017

Embellished Skirt Mania

Hello there, embellished skirt lovers, I'm back with more from my collection. 

There's something about sewing beads and sequins on a cotton skirt that feels wrong and perfectly right at the same time-no wonder I'm so scatter-brained. All these years I blamed my parents and it turns out it was the skirts. *Shrugs* oh well. Hey everybody, sequins!

They fuck you up, your skirts and shoes
They don't mean to but they do
I'm taking liberties with the poem
Larkin would not approve.
Yeah fine, let's talk about the skirts.

This isn't a Mexican skirt, but it is in a similar style. This one's from Target via the Goodwill. The sweep isn't that wide but it would still benefit from a crinoline. As I was just off to run errands I didn't bother.

Outfit Particulars:
Norma Kamali peasant top (has matching trousers) -Goodwill
Vintage Caro-Nan handbag-Antique mall
Copper earrings-K Mart
Bangles-All over

How about another?
This skirt is NY and Company, probably from the early 2000's and the fabric is a strange printed tie-dye.
The sequins are almost too tastefully applied to call this an embellished skirt. As I can't be seen wearing anything tasteful, I'm going to call in at the fabric shop for some more sequins. I have standards, you know.

 Outfit Particulars:
NY And Company skirt-Hand-Me-Ups
Tee shirt-Gordman's
Cardigan-Sears about 10 years ago
Old Navy shoes-Goodwill
Sara Cov brooch-Goodwill
Rings and bangles-all over

Check out the sweep on this one.
 This time I went with a crinoline for a better effect. It was fun squeezing myself into the driver's seat of a Ford Focus. The things we do for the clothes we love!
The skirt was really just an excuse to wear my purple shoes with glitter heels. You'd think with the exciting life I lead there'd be ample opportunity to wear these, but somehow it never works out. I know you're wondering, so yes-they are a bit tricky to walk in. They don't hurt, but I do need to pay attention as I walk.
The skirt isn't vintage, but the blouse and handbag are. I also wore a nifty little purple bolero with the outfit but forgot to get photos. The tooled leather belt is something my cousin Andrea gave me in the mid-70's! I've kept it because I like it, and though I wear it a bit looser than I did in 1975, it does still fit. 
The belt practically screams, Arizona!
Whereas the bag screams, Mexico! My love of tooled leather handbags nearly equals my love of a good embellished skirt-luckily they look  good together. 

Outfit Particulars:
Embellished skirt-Hand-Me-Ups
1960's blouse-Salvation Army store
Shoes-Thrift World
Vintage Mexican handbag-New Life Thrift
Arms full of Bakelite-all over, large carved bangle from Hand-Me-Ups
Crinoline-Ruby Begonia's, Lincoln, Nebraska
Brooch-Can't remember
Fragrance-Vintage Mitsouko (It was my signature fragrance for years and years, but I hardly wear it anymore)

 I could keep the embellished skirts going almost as long as the plaid/tartan series. When I like something, I tend to stick with it, and I don't know of a better way to dress in summer than a fancy skirt and a peasant top. I'll try to feature more of these on the blog from time to time.
Wonder what laid this egg?

Here's a couple more from older posts:
 This one you've seen recently in green as well.
I just unpacked this one for yet another season.
And this beauty that sheds sequins all over. 

We have all sorts of air quality alerts this weekend due to agricultural burning in Kansas blowing up our way (Thanks, Kansas!). It sort of limits any outdoor activities with Danny's asthma so perhaps we'll find a nice museum to spend time at. I hope you have a nice weekend, free of air pollution. 


Anonymous said...

Those skirts are my favorite clothes items of all you have shown!

Polyester Princess said...

It took me some time to continue reading after your version of the poem. They fuck you up, your skirts and shoes, indeed. Jos called from downstairs to ask if all was ok, I was laughing so much! That said, I love your embellished skirts, especially the green (surprise!) and purple one. I do have a couple of similar (though not quite as nice) skirts, but for some reason I hardly wear them. Making mental notation to rectify that. xxx

Bibi Maizoon said...

The glitterati magenta hooker heels stole the show on this post! Wow, those are fab but I'd be ass over tea kettle in 5 minutes wearing those shoes.
I'm trying to figure out what that sequined tie dye/batik/sequin skirt is trying to be? A very odd. but wonderful nonetheless!

Hope said...

Such a joy (and a little jealous) just watching your amazing collection of skirts. I don't think we have something like that in Australia .You are looking very stylish.

Sue said...

I have probably asked this before but, how big is your wardrobe? Getting dressed every day must be the best fun ever, you have so many beautiful things, and then there are all your accessories!! Those 'hooker heels' as Bibi called them are bloody magnificent! I would break more than toes if I attempted something so high these days. I am closer to the ground these days with my footwear.

Goody said...

Thank you.

I try to have a bit of fun on the blog.
I'd love to see your skirts (that sounded weird, didn't it?)

Would have to be one of those high-class hookers as you wouldn't want to be walking the streets in these!

Circle skirts are easy to sew-maybe try some fabric paint and see what you come up with?

I do buy a lot of clothes, but when they're so inexpensive it is hard to say no. I store out of season clothes in boxes.

Bobbi said...

Love the skirts! You're right, the blue one does need more. Those shoes, though, have me so jealous! I'd embarrass the kids by wearing them to the store to show off the fabulousness.
Maybe that's the egg of the one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater.

Vix said...

What an amazing collection of skirts, you look wonderful in all of them although the last one is my absolute favourite along with the bag, leave it to me in your will, will you? xxx

Miss Magpie said...

Gorgeous skirts one and all.

Goody said...

Flyin' purple people eater sure looks strange to me!
(Gah, talk about an ear worm!)

I think my kid is embarrassment proof at this point, but he's had a lot of practise.

Okay, you can have it whean I croak...hopefully not *too* soon ;)

@Miss Magpie
Thank you. I collect skirts like you collect brooches.

Mim said...

Amazing skirts. You're inspiring me to fire up the hotfix gun - now I'm not doing burlesque, I need something other than bras to gum diamante onto.

Goody said...

Yes! Everything's better with sparkle. Pity to waste a rhinestone studded bra though-can you wear it over a polo neck or something deliberately not sexy?

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

How absolutely fabulous you look in all these wonderful skirts. It's hard to choose a favourite as they are all so gorgeous. I love the tooled handbag and the that wonderful one with the funny name.
Wonderful pink shoes.

You have a waist; I'm very envious!

Goody said...

I have a 30 inch waist (on a good day) so no need to envy :)