Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter

A Joyous Easter to my readers that celebrate it.
And a bonus close-up of Mr. Bunny to haunt your nightmares,


Polyester Princess said...

That is one scary bunny! Wishing you a great Easter! xxx

Bibi Maizoon said...

Oh my. That is one terrifying bunny!
I think that rabbit could be like a Batman villian, Jack the Rabbit or something eeevil!
Or you could just spray paint it silver and sell it to some hipster as a Jeff Koons piece (from his early years).
Happy Easter!

Vix said...

I haven't seen a rabbit that evil since Donnie Darko! x

Goody said...


A happy Easter to you as well.

Happy Easter.
This was a yard sale purchase and the seller looked genuinely shocked I wanted to buy it!

I'd forgotten about that movie.

Mim said...

That is one eeevil bunny. Not least because he looks like he's made of delicious white chocolate but then turns out not to be...

Goody said...

You wouldn't want to unsuspectingly bite off one of his ears.

When I was very small I had a similar decoration in my bedroom that had been part of the original nursery set-up. It was a large pink flower with eyes, gigantic lashes, etc. Very similar in creepiness to the bunny-might have been the same company. My mum kept trying to bin it, and I'd keep plucking it out and returning it to my room. Finally, she understood that I was rather attached to it, and I had it for years after. No idea where it finally ended up but I'm certain whatever landfill it is in, the damn thing isn't breaking down. We had so much of this stuff in the 60's. Don't know what future archaeologists will make of it other than mid-Century Americans had very bad taste.