Friday, April 21, 2017

Smock it to Me

 There's a whole hell of a lot of embroidery and smocking going on in this vintage Hungarian blouse. I've done a fair amount of needlework in my life, but nothing as nice as this. The hours (and good eyesight) involved in making something this beautiful is mind-boggling, and I wish I knew the person that made it. I'm sure they had a creative streak (and patience).
I wanted to wear the blouse with something equally special for blog photos, and this vintage skirt made of raffia (yes, really!) was the first thing I thought of.
 It is sort of like wearing a fancy handbag...on my bum. It takes careful sitting, and avoiding the tendency to slide into a seat to prevent ruining the skirt. It has a few stray pieces as you can see, but I'm not going to bother trimming them yet-eventually it will need it.

 The inside of the skirt is backed with netting. I'm sure worn with a crinoline it would be spectacular.
Outfit Particulars:
Vintage 50's Hungarian (vintage seller extraordinaire)
Vintage Raffia skirt-Etsy
Vintage Collins-style bag-Goodwill
Carved Bakelite bangle-Hand-Me-Ups
Enameled bangle-gift from an old neighbour
Alva museum reproduction charm bracelet-Nomads With Baggage
Earrings-Target (years ago)
Vintage Qualicraft raffia shoes-can't remember
Fragrance-Coriandre (I'm soooo hooked on this fragrance. Review soon, I promise)

 How fun are these shoes?

That's a "W" flag on the door. When the Cubs win a game, we put up the win flag. As far as I know the Cubs are the only team that fly a W when they win a game. I don't have a flagpole, so the door will have to do.

 I varnished my toenails just for you. I didn't mow shave my legs 'caus I don't like you that much.
Have a super weekend.


Polyester Princess said...

That is some serious embroidery on that blouse. Wow. I love the raffia skirt, though I can't imagine how it feels to wear it. I think it would indeed look great with a crinoline. The shoes are adorable! Have a wonderful weekend too xxx

Bibi Maizoon said...

Wow! That blouse is stunning!
I love embroidery & thanx to my bifocal contact lenses I still enjoy doing it.
i've never seen a skirt made of raffia, how interesting.
Coriandre sounds like the perfect scent for your springy outfit!

Propagatrix said...

The whole ensemble is precious. I covet your shoes.

Beth Waltz said...

How does one say "spectacular embroidery" in Hungarian? The dainty bracelet and frilly shoes are suitably light and spring-like to match the mood. And yes, the shoes are worthy of a proper pedicure!

I'm wearing hats this season, but for this ensemble you might try a faux braid and flowers headdress (more Princess Grace than Frida).

Wearing that that raffia skirt would make me wary of standing in front of bright lights or near children eating Cheetos. Darn, it's so perfect with that blouse, and what else could one wear with the blouse except slim slacks in red satin? Aha? Rather than a crinoline, begin the search for a half slip in white Duchesse satin!

Now get Mr.ETB to take you out to a restaurant where they serve drinks based on distilled plums, but be cautious: some white garments attract pasta sauce and wine.

Goody said...

The skirt is softer than you'd expect,

I'd love to see some of your needlework-I'll bet it is beautiful

Thank you.

If I wear my hair in a braid with this outfit I'd better have a tray of plum dumplings to serve!

I nearly had a mishap with a dog that wanted to say hello (by jumping on me) but I stepped out of the way quickly enough.

Vix said...

Those blouses are selling for a bloomin' fortune on eBay. Makes me wanna get a cheap flight over to Budapest and ransack their flea markets.
Fab outfit, the skirt (like the kids say) epic. Love the coin bangle.

Goody said...


I ended up paying about $60 USD after shipping, which wasn't cheap, but not a fortune either. I trust the dealer I bought from which I'm willing to pay a premium for.

Is there anything that still qualifies as a cheap flight anywhere? I can't fly 500 miles to Denver for under a few hundred dollars.

Sue said...

I do love a bit of embroidery on clothing, and that blouse did not disappoint! You do find some amazing things, a skirt made of Rafia, what next? So lovely to see you standing in sunshine, we have some but the temps are dropping which I am not happy about.

Mim said...

That's gorgeous workmanship - must have taken days to do. It's in brilliant colours.

I have never seen a raffia skirt before. I was thinking it might get prickly, but the lining must take care of that.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

An almost 100% raffia outfit - fabulous!

The embroidery is exquisite and looks wonderful on you.

I haven't got round to painting my toenails yet - I'm a follower of the'Cast ne'er a clout til May is out'school of thought!

Goody said...

The sun was so bright I had to turn down the brightness in the photos before posting them-something I rarely need to do.

The raffia is very fine, and soft-the skirt came folded in a box. It has some drape to it, which does make sitting easier.

I don't blame you. Once you start, you're in it until at least September.

Radostin said...

Spectacular! The refit skirt is mind blowing, and I love the embroidery.