Tuesday, April 18, 2017

That Hits the Spot

 I'm dressed like Mrs. Beasley again. I've lost count of how many navy and white spotted dresses I own, but between different lengths, sleeves and sizes I absolutely need each and every one. Sounds like a reasonable argument to me! I wore the shrug for half a minute until the sun came out and I realised it was warm out. That's always such a pleasant surprise when the forecast is wrong in my favour. 
I'm not wearing my specs and I can't see a thing. I nearly laid myself out on the sidewalk too!
That's what I get for wearing "normal" shoes. Give me 4 inch heels any day over wedges. 
This beautiful bag is being used for the first time. I bought it in the dead of winter, but I knew it would go well with so many items in my springtime wardrobe. The chain is short, and it isn't meant to be worn on the shoulder, The purse is by Walborg, a sought after brand in business from the 40's to the mid-60's. Don't worry, I'm not selling it. I can see this becoming one of the most practical bags in my collection. 
Outfit Particulars:
1960's/70's polyester dress-Goodwill
Yellow shrug-Goodwill
Vintage Walborg bag-Goodwill
Bangles-All over
Earrings-Thrift World
Fragrance-1980's Coty Chypre (Lucky find)
Lippy-Revlon Snow Peach
Easter was fun. We bought a box of confetti filled eggshells...
Wonder what we should do with them?
Hit them like a tennis ball! Yes, that's the volleyball sand-we don't have a tennis court at our park. You make do. 
The turkey vultures are back. Nothing like having a trio of these ugly beasts flapping above your head. They won't attack (unless you're fully dead) but I still don't like them. 

 I prefer the geese. Danny has named these regular visitors," Duvet, Ski Jacket, and Confit." He has a dark sense of humour. They're domestic geese, but no idea how the three of them ended up at a small man-made lake. I suspect they live at a nearby farm and just come to the lake for the bread people feed them. They're smarter than we give them credit for.
"Confit?! How dare you?! I'll have you know none of my family were confit, thanks very much."
"Ha Ha, Confit has his tail feathers in a twist."
The mallards prefer to stay out of it.
 The turtles aren't having it either. This is still early to see them out basking in the sun.
Before I duck out of here, I want to thank everyone for their advice and well wishes for the wisdom tooth extraction. I'm scheduled for Monday which gives me just enough time to work myself up in a worry finish laundry and stock the freezer with dinners the boys can reheat. I'm looking forward to hours and hours of sleep-just wish I didn't need oral surgery to justify it! Otherwise, everything's just ducky.


Vix said...

You look gorgeous! That dress is brilliant with the yellow accessories and good to see you sans specs (not that you don't look fab in them.)
Confetti eggs should tremendous fun.
I'd love to see a turkey vulture, the writer Lisa St Aubin de Terán had one as a pet. Danny's sense of humour is as bleak as mine. Confit, love it!
Sending you loads of good wishes for your dental surgery and a super speedy recovery. xxx

Polyester Princess said...

Your Mrs. Beasley outfit is gorgeous, and I love that you used yellow accessories. I have quite a few navy and white spotted dresses too, but have never thought to combine them with yellow. Such a great idea. Love Danny's sense of humour, though I wonder where he gets it from ... Hope the dental surgery goes well, will be thinking about you! xxx

Hope said...

Sending you tones of good wishes for upcoming surgery. Nowadays is less frightening to visit dentist. Years ago when I was child here in Australia dentist had a lot of machines very similar to Black and Decker tools. Expensive visit that didn't change.Your outfit is absolutely divane. Any chance sometimes in the future for Danny to write cook book for us birdwatching folks?I only started birdwatching and cooking.

Hope said...

Thousand and thousands cook books are written but not one what to take when birdwatching. How to behave could be included for us newbies.

Mim said...

Mrs Beasley style FTW. You look so chic in that outfit. And I'd wrestle you for the bag ;-) I've been looking for a navy one. One will come; sooner or later the charity shop gods reward the faithful. I might be tempted to wrestle you for the dress too, it's lovely.

I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you on Monday.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Aww..I wanted to see what happened when those confetti eggs got hit!
Love the navy polka dots & the peach snow lippy. Mrs Beasley wore specs, so why not?
Do not under any circumstances go below a turkey vulture- those things poo gallons! (you have been warned!)
Perhaps Confit & Duvet would name their mallard friends L'Orange & Foie Gras? (Faux gras for the vegetarians) Or simply Pate?

Beth Waltz said...

Your yellow wedgies are so pretty! (Why has it become non-PC to describe clothes as 'pretty'?) The scalloped edge is the sort of detail that makes one think 'Italian'!, as opposed to Chinese cut-rate.

Our local colony of Roberts Vultures have begun their spring rituals. If they do set up housekeeping in the sycamores along my river valley, I promise to brave the poison ivy to get some photos for Danny. I will, of course, wear a very broad-brimmed hat.

Goody said...


I cannot imagine keeping one as a pet! I'm not a bird (or raptor) person, AT ALL. Naturally, my kid is studying ornithology. Go figure:)

He can't get a sense of humour from me...I don't possess one.
Thanks for the well wishes.

Don't give him ideas-that kid might actually do it!
I shuddered at the description of Black and Decker tools.

If the "Vintage Fairy" were to locate a blue handbag, would you be willing to wear vinyl or do you prefer leather?

Danny calls the domestic ducks, "Freezer Ducks."
You won't get me willingly standing beneath them, but the kid is more adventurous. He informs me that they only shit when taking off (to lighten their flight) so if you are under a tree and the birds are startled...well, yeah. On the other hand, that could be a good trick to play on someone you dislike;)


"Pretty" isn't PC? FFS, I'm too old to keep up. I can see not wanting to apply it to a person, but shoes?! Sigh, you can call my shoes pretty, I promise I won't be offended.

I'm sure he'd love to see them, but don't get yourself shat upon!

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Love your spotty dress and the yellow shrug and shoes are fab! I can see how useful that bag will be.

I think I'd die if I woke up and saw those ominous looking birds in my tree!

As for geese and bread we have loads by our river (The Great Ouse) and there are signs all over forbidding the feeding of bread to them - bad for the digestive system apparently. I think they mean it makes them shit a lot...

Goody said...


I suspect they're concerned about attracting rodents as well. There's ordinances in the city about not feeding bread to birds/waterfowl/etc. but it is widely ignored. I can't eat bread without digestive upset-perhaps I'm a GOOSE!

Birds will eat any damn thing in the wild-I saw a tiny house sparrow trying to eat a piece if pizza once. I've seen birds ignore a fresh water feeder for a puddle of filthy water a few feet away. That said, I go to great expense making certain Xerox the budgie gets organic produce (we don't, but the bird does) and that I purchase good quality seed from a store that deals only with bird feeding. We won't even discuss the cost of raisins for the robins (they're picky eaters). Makes me wonder how they ever survived without humans to feed them such a quality diet? Actually, it makes me wonder how humans survive with such a bad diet!

Radostin said...

Love your outfit! The shoes are the perfect colour, tho I agree wedges can be hard to walk in - the slightest unevenness in the ground and the whole foot is off. Sorry I haven't commented for ages, I think I'm back now.

Goody said...

You're under no obligation to comment, though it is always nice to hear from you. I hope you've been well and just taking a break from the internet. I really would love to be able to comment on your Instagram, but they just want too much data from me. I don't do Facebook or Pinterest either. I know Blogger gets their share of info too, but I am trying to limit my online presence to one place. I hope you understand. That said-you have some seriously wonderful outfits, and I will enjoy looking at your posts.