Monday, April 03, 2017

First Sandals of 2017

 We were treated to some beautiful (if a bit windy) weather, so I seized the opportunity to wear these vintage sandals for the first time. This did require the varnishing of toenails in March, which is rather early for my tastes, but the overwhelming desire to wear new (to me) shoes got the job done. Don't look too closely-it isn't the neatest work.
This outfit reminded me of the sort of thing my mum wore in the 60's/70's,
I have no idea who this person is. Keep on truckin'.
Outfit Particulars:
Trousers-K Mart, 90's
Top K Mart-Last week
Vintage Enid Collins bag-Antique mall
Vintage sandals-Goodwill
Gold bangles-various stores
Rings-all over
Cazal frames-Mum's
Earlier in the week I tried out this vintage square dancing skirt for the first time.
It was the hat that attracted the most comments. 

Outfit Particulars:
Vintage square dancing skirt-Goodwill
Boots-K Mart
Lobster brooch-Hand-MeUps
Polo neck-K Mart
Tights-K Mart
Jacket-bought it in the early 80's in Chicago
I called in to the K Mart to see if they had rechargeable batteries at a good price (they did) and I found some velvet boots in the clearance. I also located this magic wand/pinwheel that I simply waved about and the dude with the ponytail appeared to pay for it all. I love that! Like having a genii pop out of a lamp but without all that tiresome garbage of limiting your wishes to three.  I should try it out somewhere slightly more upscale than K Mart next time.
Come along ponytail dude, there's an antique shop that needs exploring. 


Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

You look incredibly glam in your gold sandals and red toenail varnish! Fabulous bag and the earrings look gorgeous. March is extremely early for toe varnish - is it a record do you think?

I love your square dancing skirt ensemble - you look like you could do some mean square dancing - as does the pony tail guy!

Mim said...

Ponytail dude is clearly hanging around to buy stuff for hot mamas.

That square dancing outfit is ace - with the hat, it reminds me a little of Japanese Lolita styles, only grown-up. (Is a grown-up Lolita possible? Nolita?)

Vix said...

Backless & sleevless - that's all year round for me but sandals? It's got to be boiling hot before I'll get my boot off!
Loving both outfits and pony tail guy is a nifty mover. x

Goody said...

When I was a teenager I took a square dancing class-it was great fun.

@Mim mum's name was Lolita! She always said she was happy that book was published after she finished school, or it would have been intolerable. She did jokingly get a pair of heart shaped sunnies at some point in the 70's. People would definitely do a double-take when she told them her name. My parents both had such strange names that it was a miracle we kids came out of it with Judith and Jenifer!

Boots are seasonless-just ask all the cowboys.

Polyester Princess said...

I still have to swap from boots to shoes, so sandals are still a long way off for me. I love wearing them, but I hate painting my toenails. I love your square dancing outfit, it looks so great combined with the jacket. Instead of a ponytail guy, I've got a guy in a hat, who pops up whenever I wield my magic wand! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Never mind all the vintage goodness (how could one wear that skirt and not be inclined to twirl?), I want to know where one finds a pony-tail guy like yours!

Quite right, of course, that ladies don't wear sandals sans polish; but never, ever have I heard of applying polish this early. My toes are still huddling in socks, and socks aren't worn with sandals -- unless they're proper Birkenstocks and that's only in Berkley.

Miss Magpie said...

We've had some gorgeous days but it's not quite sandal weather yet! I have some serious bag envy right now.

ThriftyParka said...

Hahaha! When I saw Mr. ETB in the first picture I thought he was pretending to perform a sobriety test walk as he seemed to be walking along the line, bwhahahaha!

Phreee-ow! You look Mah-velous!!

Happy thrifting ;)

Bibi Maizoon said...

My mom wore outfits like that in the late 60's-70's too. She usually word scads of long gold chains (those Italian sorts that were so fashionable in the 70s' and were available by the yard) with a Virginia Slim hanging out of her mouth. She had quite a few metallic sandals of that same style, I think they were Daniel Greens.
Love the square dancing skirt with the leather jacket, it's like the Ramones version of Minnie Pearl.
Ponytail man has been reading too many Zap Comix . I need one of those magic pinwheels, it looks easier than a credit card!

Goody said...

Your Guy in a Hat takes you to better places than K Mart ;)
My feet spend so much time in trainers I'm happy enough to break out the sandals.

Ponytail guy was a blind date 25 years ago. These days he's more of a deaf date.
Apparently socks and heels are a thing now, so why not sandals? *Mumbles* "I read it in the Guardian so it must be a real trend."

@Miss Magpie
I hope sandal weather arrives for you soon.

@Thrifty Parka
He does these things to make me laugh during photo shoots but now Danny is smart enough to turn the camera on him. there were worse ones I elected not to publish!

Ugh, the gold chain fad was so icky. Do you remember the charm holders to hang off the chain so you could dangle even more gold around your neck? I liked Mr. T but come on!

Ha! I should grow out the bangs to true Ramones length-that would be fun.

Sue said...

Love you in black, love you in the square dancing get up, but I love you most when you and the pony tailed dude ham it up for the benifit of us followers!!! May the good weather continue to get gooder!! Ok Better, but gooder sounds more fun!!

Goody said...

Thank you. We are making sure Danny has funny stories to tell his children someday about his crazy parents.

Radostin said...

My thoughts were exactly like Sue's. What a great pair! I am wondering about your father's name now...

Goody said...

His name was, Selwyn.

Really, I came out of it with a very normal name even if it wasn't a popular name until a few years later.