Saturday, May 27, 2017

Dreary May

Thank you for your help with literature suggestions for next semester-I appreciate you taking the time to alert me to what I've been missing. We're getting closer to completing the syllabus, but I'm already mentally exhausted. Thank goodness I only need to do this once a year. 
Now, to the vintage.

I KNEW there was a reason I own so many raincoats!

 Having fab outerwear does lessen the sting of needing a coat in late May. This is very unusual for Omaha. That said, I prefer it to 100 degrees F with high humidity, which has also been known to happen in Spring.

What you can't see in the photo is the red contrast lining in the coat. I wish that would make a style return-it was such a great look.  Contrast piping is nice as well.

 This nylon dress is silky and lightweight. It really is too big, and belting it messes up the overall line. I will find a new home for it where someone can give it the styling it deserves. I'm a sucker for a nice print, and wrinkle-free fabric, but it really only works beneath a coat.
 Outfit Particulars:

1970's nylon dress-Thrift World
Vintage 1970's gum-soled shoes-Thrift World
Vintage raincoat-Goodwill
Owl brooch (on dress) Hand-Me-Ups
Sarah Coventry brooch (on coat) and earrings-yard sale
Fragrance-Ralph Lauren Romance (about as "romantic" as air freshener, but okay for a daytime, inoffensive scent).

Completely unrelated: I am upstairs, and I can hear the boys  attempting to put together a bookcase from Big Lots. There's a lot of, "What the hell?" and, "That can't be all the pieces" echoing upstairs. If I were a nice person I'd go down there and offer to help (I really excel at putting together prefabricated furniture-I consider it a gift) but I'm going to pretend I didn't hear them. Someone just uttered the first, "Owwww!" I think it was Danny. Ah, here he is coming upstairs with the box.
"Look mama, we got it out of the box!"

Well, you have to start somewhere. Good advice for most of life's challenges.


Beth Waltz said...

Unassembled bookcases are bad; unassembled giant dog crates are worse. Shall be forever indebted to a friend who crawled inside the crate we installed in my bedroom to provide hospice care for a cat...

A dress destined to be worn as a coat lining because it is silky/comfy and enhances the appearance of the coat -- now you've got me wondering if those alterations shops could replace a coat lining, given the fabric. Got to start somewhere, as you say, perhaps by removing the original lining and using it as a template?

Bibi Maizoon said...

Love the navy ensemble! I think I had those shoes as a child in the 70's.
The males in my Kashmiri clan are not mechanically inclined. At all. Hire it done I say!
Ralph Lauren's Romance smells like bug spray to me.

ThriftyParka said...

Oh those poor boys!!! Hopefully any injuries sustained will be immediately assuged with a wonderful meal :)


Here's hoping you avoid the 100 F high humidity. Thank goodness that isn't an option here in North Western Ontario!

Happy thrifting ;)

Polyester Princess said...

Love the raincoat, and the dress, which is divine. Here in Belgium, having to wear a (rain)coat in late May (or June, July, August ...) isn't unusual at all. Had a good chuckle at your account of the boys' "antics" ;-) xxx

Goody said...

Replacing lining is straightforward enough, but I'd stay away from nylon or polyester for static reasons. There's nothing worse than lining that catches on your clothes.

The problem here is they won't admit they can't do something and hire a man. I have another recently purchased pair of 70's shoes in brown (of course) that are a lace-up version of these. I must be losing my mind. I draw the line at pastel coloured Hush Puppies.

I can see the bugspray association, actually.

@Thrifty Parka
I made them vegetarian hot dogs and oven chips. I don't cook in summer ;)

You do get quite a bit of rain, don't you? That's why your garden always looks so beautiful.

Vix said...

Was it Kriss Kross the hip hop band who wore their macs inside out in the 1980s? We need to bring back that look if only to admire your lining!
That dress is gorgeous,, shame about the size issues.
I can just imagine the menfolk and their trauma. Jon blatantly refuses to read any instructions and consequently blames it on a manufacturer's fault when it goes tits up. xxx

Melanie Folly Bird said...

Beautiful dress and I own but one coat which could be considered a raincoat but it's only really showerproof, anything more and it soaks through. It's pretty though, cream, double breasted, handkerchief hem and strawberry print lining, which I knew nothing about until it arrived in the post!

Miss Magpie said...

I love the dress it's so pretty. I have many coats but not a single one of them is waterproof! = Fail.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Brilliant raincoat and I think the dress is fab on you. The brooches were fabulous, too. The shoes are lovely; I'd never have guessed they were from the 1970s; they look so modern!

Mim said...

Oooh, that entire ensemble appeals to my navy obsession. You look lovely.

I hope the bookcase went up successfully in the end, and that Danny didn't learn too many new swears in the process.

Goody said...

Maybe I will do a post of clothes worn inside-out. That could be interesting. Thanks for the idea.

That does sound pretty. Anything more than a shower means you shouldn't be outside.

@Miss Magpie
How can you live in the UK without a raincoat? At the very least, a canister of Scotchguard to do your own fabric water-proofing? I'm worried for you now-we need to get you a raincoat before you catch cold.

If you wait long enough everything comes back in fashion.

it is holding books! I think I've learned a few new swears from Danny.

Radostin said...

I love this outfit so much! I didn't comment before as I wanted to say something interesting, but really, just love.

Goody said...

You're under no obligation to be interesting (heaven knows I'm not ). I appreciate you taking the time to leave comments. I've decided to cut the dress down into a skirt. I can take in the sides and still have enough fabric for a proper waistband and matching headband. That's the only way it will be wearable, and the print was just too nice to let go.

Radostin said...

Oh, but you are!
I'm glad you've found a way to make that lovely print wearable.