Thursday, May 25, 2017

Pepto Pink and Seeking Your Help

 There's "Millennial Pink", but this is definitely, Pepto-Bismal pink. No getting around it. Being polyester, it just takes on that added bit of silliness. I'm pretty sure it is home sewn. I hope she received good marks in home economics because this is a very nice dress, save for the colour.

I attracted my share of odd looks wearing it around Omaha today. One fellow had to stop, turn around and continue looking at me like I'd somehow caused him psychic discomfort by existing. That was kind of rich coming from someone with a hipster beard, and a waxed handle-bar moustache.
 This pendant has a secret. Flip it over and... can check your lippy. I love accessories that mix beauty with function. This one is vintage Avon. They made some very nice stuff in the 70's.

Outfit Particulars:Vintage 70's maxi-dress-Defunct costume shop
Vintage Johansen shoes-Thrift World
Vintage Margaret Smith handbag-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage bangles-Both Goodwill
Vintage bracelet(part of a set)-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage earrings-Can't remember
Fragrance-Vintage Miss Dior

 Made in the USA-you don't see too many shoes that are anymore.

I should clean these earrings-yet another case of not spotting a flaw until I post a close-up photo.

Now for the request. It is Syllabus writing time again for the 2017-18 school year. I need to have it submitted by July, but I hope to be done much earlier (I'm ready for Summer break). Each year, I try to focus the curriculum around a single theme for each semester. Next year, I'm doing our neighbours, Mexico and Canada. I typically select some readings in history, literature, humanities, anthropology etc. that I can focus on the theme.

This is where I ask you for suggestions, I don't want to assign Paz to a 12 year old, although he would probably get more out of him than I ever did. Any Mexican literature spring to mind that you'd like to suggest?

For Canada, I've been teaching post-European arrival history for a few years now, but I'd like to add some readings that acknowledge the people already living there. I have a textbook that covers pre-Confederation Canada, but I don't have any modern indigenous authors assigned for readings. Any suggestions?

I think I have maths covered but if you have a favourite Trigonometry textbook, I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks in advance!


ThriftyParka said...

Afternoon! For Canadian Indigenous, Metis and Inuit authors, Google "University of Saskatchewan Aboriginal Authors Resources". I know this will bring up a catalog of authors for childrens' books (I'm not sure if there is anything for Danny's level - but I figure it's with a shot).

Ooh! We're necklace twins!! I have the same neckie!!!!

Happy thrifting ;)

Mim said...

Maybe hipster bloke was thrown off his stride by seeing someone genuinely unique. He probably went home and sobbed into his pillow in furious envy-rage.

I know nothing at all about Mexican or Canadian literature, I'm afraid.

Polyester Princess said...

I guess the pink is a little sickly, but otherwise, I quite like the dress, though I must add that I'd never have the guts to wear it out. I love the bangles and the Avon necklace. Good luck with the Syllabus writing! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Oh, dear, that dress reminds me of one worn as a bridesmaid in 19-nevermind...

Not knowing how au courant Danny might be on controversial topics such as sex change, interracial marriage, and hereditary aspects of mental illness, I very hesitantly suggest you view the work of Dawn Langley Simmons. (A fan of Margaret Rutherford, I discovered her adopted son/daughter's work through the bio "Blithe Spirit".) Her "Me, Papoose Sitter" is a window into a long-gone world and POV.

Melanie Folly Bird said...

Woo, that is PINK! Not my favoured shade, I like the chalky fifties pink the best. It is a pretty dress though, I wonder who made it and for what occasion.

I can't help with the literature question either I'm afraid.

Vix said...

I love that shade of bubblegum pink, it makes me happy and tends to piss most people over the age of 10 off - always a good thing in my world.
I could say something about waxed moustashes and hipster beards but i daren't, several of my (male!) friends have them. xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Wonderful dress and I love the colour. The see through sleeves are very flattering and I love the detail in the band/placket. That guy probably thought he was seeing royalty...

I love your accessories and the looking glass necklace is such a good idea. I did my nurse training in the 1970s and trained with a lot of Malaysian nurses. They loved the Avon toiletries and had competitions between them as to who could collect the most complete sets of Avon perfumed products.

Can't help with Canadian writers as I only know the modern ones such as Margaret Atwood, Robertson Davies and Alice Munro...

Goody said...

@Thrifty Parka
Thank you!
I suspect if we went through our handbags, necklaces and dishes we'd own an awful lot of duplicates. Great minds think (and shop) alike.

Nah, he probably went to the micro-brewery to cry in his honey/heather ale whilst eating a sandwich from a slab of slate.

I suspect this dress won't be making another appearance.

I think the kids are much more sophisticated than we were in junior high! I'll have a look at it. Thank you.
I keep expecting someone to stop me in the street and tell me I'm wearing their old clothes (Omaha is a small place).

I can't begin to imagine what occasion it was worn for! 50's pinks are definitely easier to wear (and it goes better with black and aqua).

Yep, anyone under ten will love "Barbie" pink. I often get little girls commenting on my clothes.
Okay, we'll let your bearded friends off the hook then. At the rate I'm plucking hair off my chin I'm halfway to one myself!

I need to do an Avon post-I own some absurd character bottles.

Propagatrix said...

There's Anne Cameron's DREAMSPEAKER, but you will probably need to read it first (the ending is extremely dark).

Miss Magpie said...

I know I'm well known for hating pink but it reminds me of neapolitan ice cream! It's a beautiful dress, I like the combination actually.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Forget to say what a totally amazing bag that is!

Goody said...

Thank you-I'll have a look at it.

@Miss Magpie
Thank you. I think the trim does help keep it from being too much.

Thank you. I was able to pick it up inexpensively as there's a stain on it-but with the busy pattern it just looks like part of the design. I don't mind less-than-perfect vintage, and it can save quite a bit of money.