Friday, May 19, 2017

On My Best Behaviour

 Is it so very much to expect mannerly behaviour in thrift stores? Is there something that takes possession of otherwise polite people when they pass through the doors of Goodwill on the first day of the new tag sale that transforms them into boorish jerks? I like a bargain, but I've never felt acquiring one would require surrendering my upbringing.

I noticed the frenzied shopper filling her two carts with anything tagged the .49 cent colour. It was impossible to get through the aisle with the skirts, so I went around (the long way) only to have her whip around (the short way) to block me in the next aisle. Stretching out her two carts to block access to the rail until she was done skeletanising it, I once again moved on rather than confront her with a request to let me pass. It was as I retreated that I spotted this pristine St. John Collection twin set for .99 cents.  I like to think of it as the Universe rewarding me for proper etiquette. Instead of two carts filled with worthless tat from Wal Mart, I came home with quality knits I couldn't afford new. I've had similar things happen before, and while I can't promise the Universe will always reward good manners with something this spectacular, it sure is satisfying when it does. Really people, nothing is worth behaving like that-there's plenty of used clothing for everyone, I promise.
You can click HERE to get a rough idea what these twin sets sell for new. You might want to sit down. The quality is top-notch though. I'll give them that.
The necklace isn't photographing well, and that's a pity as it is beautiful vintage enameled Trifari. The BSK Lily of the Valley brooch is fading into the print of the cardigan as well, but take my word for it-it looked better in person.
I wasn't much more successful photographing them against a solid background. Some items are just like that!

Outfit Particulars:
St. John Collection twin set-Goodwill
Vintage Junior House wrap skirt-Thrift World
Vintage Naturalizer shoes-Thrift World
Vintage handbag-Antique mall (I think)
Vintage BSK brooch-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage clip earrings-Goodwill
Vintage Trifari pendant necklace-Hand-Me-Ups
Fragrance-Rochas Femme (the '89 reformulation, not the 2013 cumin bomb. I now own both and they're completely different. This one reminds me a bit of Mitsouko with some added plum)

We survived the severe weather. Tonnes of rain and wind, but that was about it. We've turned quite cold again which means I have used both the heat and air conditioning in the same week. Madness. The only thing growing well at the moment are the potatoes. Ah well, on the bright side I don't need to water the garden. I would however like to wear my new swimsuit...
Our outdoor pool will be open by the end of the month for Memorial Day weekend and I'd really prefer to avoid sitting poolside in a swimsuit and wool cardigan. I was going to buy this swimsuit in black and then thought better of it and went for hot pink instead. Just add sunshine...PLEASE!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Radostin said...

Lucky I was already lying on the couch (because my back is causing me discomfort) when I saw those St John prices! You look absolutely perfect here.
I admit that I do sometimes tell people off for their terrible manners - for example, if I am standing by a rail of clothing and someone tries to push me away, I tell them very calmly that I am sorry, but I am standing here right now... it often results in sheepish looks, and sometimes even apologies. I just make sure I don't sound confrontational in tone, but as though I am simply informing them of something they haven't realised..
I love your none-photogenic jewellery, too.

ThriftyParka said...

Hot pink! Yes please!! I can hardly wait to see how you style that bombshell bathing suit (I'm visualizing a colourful cover-up and a glamourous turban).

Whew! Good score on the St. John! I love how you put it together with the skirt, purse (drool!) and the French Twist...kind of like Mrs. Cunningham meets Betsey Johnson meets Christian Dior.

Don't get me started on that AMAZEBALL Trifari necklace!!

Happy thrifting ;)

Bibi Maizoon said...

A $700 twin set?
Was it knit by celibate monks in Lhasa from tufts of unicorn manes collected on the lofty peaks of the Karakorams? Blessed by the Dalai Lama too? (It is gorgeous though ;))

Shopping carts are new to the Asian subcontinent. Actually supermarkets, dept stores, and malls are too. Entire families camp out in aisles for hours overwhelmed by the myriad choices available to the modern shopper. All sorts of shopping cart rudeness goes on here. Toes are run over with reckless bravados, don't be surprised if you're rammed from behind by some seemingly innocent looking aunty too. I

Vix said...

That twin set is super cool! I haven't come across one in years! Your hair looks gorgeous worn up like that, too.
Do you know what I hate? When people abandon their kids in pushchairs or shopping bags right in front of a rail so you can't get to look at anything while they roam around the shop unencumbered. Selfish tossers!
I'm glad you went for a hot pink swimsuit. You're far too fabulous for a boring black one. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

I'd wondered when we'd discover the outer limit of your skill at coordinating separates: now we know it's which wool cardigan to be paired with a swimsuit.

Seriously, what will you wear as a cover-up with that gorgeous hot-pink? ThriftyParka is right, this scene requires a turban, big sunnies, and high-platform sandals.

Polyester Princess said...

I clicked on your link and Jos had to pass me the smelling salts. I still can't believe the money those twin sets sell for. At one of the charity shopping we go to, there are usually a couple of re-sellers blocking the aisles with overflowing shopping carts, shoving you out of their way to get to the goodies first. It's hard to be on your best behaviour then. Can't wait to see you in the hot pink swimsuit! xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Definitely Lady Goody with the hair up and the twinset - which is exquisite!

I'm so glad you got it. I can't bear people like the woman you described; I've never seen this behaviour in charity shops as we don't have shopping trolleys in ours, but I have seen a few people grabbing or snatching things over the shoulder...

Wonderful jewellery and the swimsuit is gorgeous. Fingers and legs crossed for sunshine.

Have a great weekend.

Goody said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. I wanted to mention how much I love that skirt of yours with the tatted trim-it is just the most beautiful thing.

@Thrifty Parka
Hmmm, I have a hot pink 60's silk crepe robe with some wild trim-that might work. I know you have an eye for St. John too.

The innocent looking ones are the worst driver (of carts or cars) in ANY place. It might be the closest thing there is to a cultural universal!

St. John is still made in the US and they employ skilled tradespeople (and a chemist to develop the dyes) so I cut them some slack for the prices. Some things are worth the money (like a Judith Leiber purse or belt)because they're so painstakingly made.

We don't get too many unattended children in our area due to the current hysteria about kidnapping. You wouldn't believe the looks I get for permitting Danny to browse alone and he's nearly 13!

I have a pink cashmere cardigan! I'm wondering though, would leg warmers be too much? A pair of muk-luks?

I walked past the pool-it is now being filled. Unfortunately, it is 51 degrees outside.

I'm sorry to hear that behaviour has made it to Belgium-I thought that was limited to the US.

I suppose giving people something on wheels they can weaponise encourages it. I don't know, it really saddens me how shopping has been turned into a contact sport.

Sue said...

Well done on keeping your cool with the double trollied tart!! Good manners and holding your tongue so rewarded you, good score and the twin set suits you very well indeedy. LOVE your hair up, all swooped up and gorgeous!! Hot Pink swimsuit for a Hot lady, and your sunshine will be there soon enough for you to wear it.

Radostin said...

Thank you! That skirt was the one that your gorgeous sequinned green not actually Mexican one reminded me of! Mine is inferor, having only sequin shaped print elements and only one colour print, but is still very nice for what it is. Also, my dash and brackets keys aren't working, sorry for the lack of punctuation!

Melanie Folly Bird said...

Rude! Manners cost nothing and still they elude some people. Perhaps they should package up 'Good Manners' and put them in shops for bargain prices, then all those people wouldn't be able to resist ...

I love, love, love your twinset! I had a plain one years ago but stupidly donated it to a charity shop and really regret it now. You just can't find them over here.

Mim said...

Aiee, that's one heck of a price for a twin set. Clearly the Thrifting Gods rewarded you for your good manners. (They'll send Mrs Rude a trolley full of stinky armpits and gungy gussets!)

Goody said...

Suppose if I really behave the universe will send me a winning lottery ticket?

It doesn't look inferior from here.

I wonder why twin sets are so rare across the Atlantic-they're still pretty common here, just not St. John. It seems like they would be ideal for your climate that goes hot to cold in a few minutes.

"Mrs. Rude and the Gungy Gussets" would be an excellent name for a punk band.

Goody said...

Or a boutique fragrance house.