Monday, May 29, 2017

I'll Have a Blue Hawaiian Without You

A Blue Hawaiian cocktail sounds pretty good right now, but I'd need to go out and buy Curacao. Better stick to Pimms and lemonade instead.

 I found this dress in a box I'd forgotten about, and have no memory of having purchased it. It isn't vintage, but it easily passes. I was in the mood to wear something cheerful. How'd I do?
I waited in the car while Mr. ETB popped into the Indian market for curry leaves (and a deep-fried snack he ate before returning to the car). Bored, I photographed my new (to me) vintage shoes, but the real star of this photo is that blue sky out the window.
 Car-selfie using the mirror on the sun-visor. I was really bored. I think the "fried snack" was probably plural, as he was in there quite some time.

 Outfit Particulars:
Jones New York dress-can't remember
Blue vintage beads-Goodwill
Flower pin-Tiff and Tam
Vintage sandals-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage handbag-Goodwill
Hair Flowers-Tiff and Tam
Fragrance-Guerlain Guet Apens

I made the first sweet corn of the season to get summer started.

 Yes, I own corn-on-the-cob dishes, and plastic holders for the ends. I live in Nebraska. That's not an excuse so much as an observation. It took 16 years, but I've, "Gone Native."  I still don't like football. Sorry.
I have more corn and vegetarian hot dogs for our dinner tomorrow, and then we're off to the park to practise Danny's pitching. I never thought I'd be purchasing a baseball glove for myself, but he needs someone to pitch and catch with. I went to the used sporting goods store and found an exceptionally nice glove for $14.00. I'm a better catcher than pitcher. I'm a bit wary as two of my worst childhood injuries happened playing baseball, with the worst seeing me knocked-out in a neighbour's yard. I've had more concussions than an NFL player (that's not an exaggeration). It probably explains quite a bit about my personality! Fell down the basement stairs head-first, baseball injury, drove my bike into a car in the alley (miracle I wasn't run over but it was my fault. I still feel bad for the fright I gave the poor old man driving), fell from a tree, ice skating injury...and then there were the broken bones. So yeah, I'm thinking about wearing a batting helmet to play catch with my kid in case he beans me with a hard ball. I can't afford any more brain injuries. 

I had a very lucky visit to the Goodwill "Up North" that I rarely visit. Three full, unused bottles of perfume (Tuscany per Donna 3.4 oz, $3.99 Clinique Happy (meh) 3.4 oz, $4.99 and Shiseido Zen, $2.99) and an extravagant, over-the-top Carol Dauplaise necklace from the 80's for $4.99. I spotted it in the case as soon as we walked in, and I stood there waiting for someone to open it lest someone else come along and buy it out from under me. We came home and I did a bit of research-it sells for a nice chunk of change online. Mr. ETB was impressed that I could spot it right away, but after so many years, I've become good at spotting quality. That's part of my logic for not shopping with a phone. I see people looking things up before buying them, but I prefer to trust my gut feeling. At least if I'm stuck with it, I'll enjoy the item. Anyway, I was clearly chuffed.

I hope everyone has a good week.


Bibi Maizoon said...

Sweet corn in May hoo-ray!
Love that Hawaiian dress, you look so cool & Spring-like!
Wish I could get curry leaves here in Nepal.
We have quite the selection of cricket and motorcycle helmets here, wish I could send you one!

Vix said...

That sweetcorn's almost as pretty as your dress!
I always stock up on curry leaves in India, they're a South Indian thing and here its mostly North Indian or Punjabi food in the shops.
Same here, no Smart Phone - if I like it I'll get it - like the £168 cat print sweat shirt i picked up last week. It'll be proven eventually that Smart Phones make people more stupid, I'm sure of it. xxx

Melanie Folly Bird said...

Pretty, pretty dress. I have two Hawaiian style dresses. I consider them both to be way out of my comfort zone, but I got them to purposely push myself out of my voluminous skirt comfort zone! One is black with pink and yellow flowers purchased because of the above and because I liked the neckline and one white with pink flowers, which I prefer by far.

I have sweetcorn dish and holder envy :) I think though, I prefer the idea more than the reality, as corn cobs are always hit and miss when I buy themn, and can often be tough.

I did the shoe shot in the car the other day too, Andy was an age, circling Meirionwen and inspecting her paintwork and I was sooo bored waiting.

Polyester Princess said...

You could have fooled me into thinking that's a vintage dress, Goody, and aren't you looking a vision in it. I often make car selfies while waiting too, but seeing yours I definitely need more practice, especially on the feet! I have a favourite photograph of my feet in orange ballerinas propped up on the balcony while on holiday, though. Maybe we should call them "feetsies"! Seeing that you're quite accident prone, I'd definitely go for a helmet! xxx

Bobbi said...

Pretty dress! It's so bright and happy, like that sky!
I grew up with the corn dishes and holders - someone even had a butter holder that had a curved side to fit the ear and get it evenly covered. I wonder what happened to it all. We had little dishes for salt, too, to dip radishes and green onions in before eating, too.
Playing catch with Danny will be fun. I spent so many hours with my son just throwing a football back and forth - not very far because my range is limited.
Enjoy your lovely weather!

Miss Magpie said...

MMMmmmm corn on the cob.

Love the dress and love, love love the owl ring!

Beth Waltz said...

Yes, of course one serves Silver Queen sweet corn in those ear dishes,
neatly skewered with the corn pins! All is well so long as one RUNS from the corn row to the pot of boiling water -- none of this nasty sanitized ears encased in plastic, laying on a bier of Styrofoam.

The blue dress is a keeper! Now show us the Carol Dauplaise necklace.
And the mitt, and the helmet.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Beautiful dress with fabulous accessories. I love the blue 'carved' bangle. The sandals are very cool and you look gorgeous and summery.

Good for you with the baseball thing; I think a helmet is an excellent precaution. You were an accident prone kid! I only fractured a bone in my thumb and had stitches in my leg...

The corn on the cob looks wonderful; I rarely eat it like that as it sticks in my teeth and I hate anything that sticks in my teeth - except toffee!

You did so well with the perfume; I'd only heard of Happy (it always smelt like burning rubber on me!) and the Sheishido. Have no idea about the necklace and would love to see it.

I agree; after charity shopping/thrifting for so many years you do develop an idea for quality. Hope the good luck continues...

Mim said...

That's a lovely dress - definitely very cheerful and summery.

We have those little holders for the ends of sweetcorn - how do people eat it without the holders? Pick it up and get their hands all buttery, or try to slice the kernels off using a knife and fork?

Goody said...

He's already managed to hit me in the nose with a fastball! By some miracle I don't think he broke it.

Curry leaves are available fresh and dried here. That's good you can bring them from India-we can't bring any agricultural products through US customs without being a registered importer. I knew someone that had to leave a bag of grapes at the Canadian border because they wouldn't allow it into the States! There's caution and then there's madness.

I have a foolproof sweetcorn technique to keep it tender. Place the corn in a large pot-don't add salt. A pinch of sugar is fine if you like it sweet, but no salt-that makes tough corn. Bring the pot to a boil. Cover, remove from heat, and let sit five minutes. Butter and salt at the table. I swear by this method.

Imagine the oddballs we'd get round the blogs if we started posting "Feetsies".

Salt cellars! I haven't though about those in a million years. Now I wonder what happened to all of them? Something to look for in thrift stores-thanks for reminding me.

@Miss Magpie
The ring's a real getting my hat now.

We used to eat the corn raw when it was homegrown. My husband thinks it was some sort of childhood trauma, but I guess it would be a tough sell to someone that didn't grow up with corn fresh off the stalk.

Danny already managed to hit me in the nose, but it was nothing some ice wouldn't fix. He has a good strong arm...just not a terribly accurate one! He feels terrible about it, but I told him hitting your mother in the face with a baseball is a rite of passage. My mum got a nasty black eye from a carelessly tossed rolled-up newspaper.

Thank you. That bangle looks carved but it is just a hard moulded plastic from the 60's. It looks more teal in real life.

Poor you with stitches! To me, they're worse than broken bones as they're such a hassle to keep clean and dry. I'd be tempted to super-glue any large gouges together because I hate stitches so much.

I think getting your hands messy is part of the deal with corn-like eating fried chicken with your hands. You can easily remove kernels from the cob by holding the pointed end up and slicing down the cob with a sharp paring knife. It will splatter a bit, but it works.

Radostin said...

You are indeed very cheerfully dressed. I love all your accessories, and those sandals are most appealing.

Goody said...

Thank you. The sandals need a bit of re-gluing as it is dried out and old, but we have a wonderful cobbler in town that I can trust with my vintage shoes and bags.

Radostin said...

A wonderful cobbler is a great asset! It took me years after moving here to find one, and when I did, he's far enough away that it takes me a whole morning to get to him, but never mind. I save up the pairs until I have nothing to wear!