Saturday, May 13, 2017

Florals in Clothes and Nature

 Much as I like a bright floral on a Spring day, there will always be a spot in my wardrobe for something darker. The dress is paper-thin and completely sheer, so I have a lacy vintage slip beneath. Even with a slip, this is one of those dresses that requires a brooch to hold the top closed. I really should sew in a snap, but I also like the way it looks with a brooch.
I have so many of these tiny, Edwardian paste brooches but as they're often quite inexpensive, they're hard to resist. I justify the collection by holding blouses and dresses closed once in a while. Funny how that shifts things from, "want" to "need."

 These earrings are stamped, W. Germany and came with a large, matching necklace. I think they're from the 60's. I paid $12.99 for them and really felt  extravagant. The thing is, finding sets isn't as common. I try to keep my accessories collecting inexpensive, but even I can be seduced by a pretty set.

Outfit Particular:
Shoes-American Duchess
Vintage handbag-Goodwill
Vintage earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Brooch-New Life Thrift
Bracelet-New Life Thrift
Fragrance-Vintage formulation Diorissiomo
I'm always surprised when the inside of a locket is as elaborately detailed as the exterior. The bracelet isn't Victorian, but is rather a very good reproduction.
I don't know why we currently have three mats piled up by our door, but I'm going to move them before I break my neck. Open-weave rubber mats are deadly when you wear heels .

 Out and about in nature, there was plenty to see. I believe this is a weed, but pretty enough to enjoy when it isn't in my garden.
 Make Way For Ducklings. The rest were lagging behind in the pond.
 Fungi growing on a tree stump. I'm pretty sure these are poisonous. Don't eat wild mushrooms kids.
Oh, what have we here?

"Look lady, I'm a fly. Flies eat shit-that's just what we do. How would you like it if I pointed a camera in your face as you're eating?! Do you mind?"
Gosh, I had no idea they were so cranky. Sorry Mr. Fly!
This King bird was swooping about eating insects and didn't seem to mind my photographing him. He did come close to knocking the hood off my head at one point.
This goose has found herself a spot in the nest box at DeSoto wildlife refuge. I'm sure the other geese are envious of her fancy nest.
We attended a programme about Monarch butterflies. DeSoto has a large migration of Monarch that take advantage of the abundant milkweed planted for them. They had children paint the windows to welcome the butterflies.
 This large bird blind overlooks the river affording an excellent view of migratory waterfowl and the eagle's nest.
 The refuge is managed by the Fish and Wildlife service. We are so lucky to live a 30 minute drive away. For a small fee, we purchase a yearly family membership-the Sunday educational movies are worth it alone. I can't say enough nice things about the people who work in the visitor's centre-they're wonderful!

 Tough spot for photos as the wind really seems to blow across the water!
The outfit isn't special, but the necklace is. I bought myself a Mother's Day present. 
I'll leave you with a rather inspired pizza made from leftover cheese tortellini and cooked asparagus. I added a white sauce and some vegetarian bacon. The boys loved it. I didn't partake, but it was a good way to use up leftovers. Most things are improved with the addition of pizza crust or a pastry case, in my experience. 

I'm taking Danny to play mini putt-putt golf tomorrow for the first time. I have a feeling he'll enjoy it. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. 


Bibi Maizoon said...

I had a floral dress similar to that in the 90's. Wore it til it fell to pieces!
It always amazes me how brilliantly blue the sky is in your photos. And how unbelievably flat the land is. The last time I saw a sky that blue in my native California was as a child after a week of rain. The sky is that blue here in Nepal (when there's no ag burning, a dust storm, or clouds) but it sure isn't flat!

Live that squash blossom turquois necklace you bought yourself!

Bibi Maizoon said...

OOPS & Happy Mother's Day!

Radostin said...

That is a perfect example of a dress, very nice indeed.
I love your necklace.
Happy mothers' day!

Radostin said...

Also, the American Duchess (contradiction in terms?) shoes are fantastic!
BTW, a comment I once made long ago ;) prompted you to ask when I'll start a blog of my own. I prefer to leave more of my leisure screen time for consumption, but have started posting outfits on instagram ( ) Haven't posted that lace suit yet, though. I hope you don't mind this comment, I wouldn't have made it without yours.

Melanie Folly Bird said...

I absolutely love floral prints on a darker background, my husband Andy is the same and loves dark background floral shirts.

Love the bird photos. We were driving along a lane yesterday, where I have often seen jays and even said to Andy that the jays are usually just about here, and right on cue, one swooped down, grabbed something and flew back into the trees. Such lovely birds, though very different from blue jays.

I thought you said the refuge was managed by fish for a moment!

Happy mothers day to you, hope you're having a lovely day x

Polyester Princess said...

I love your dress, but then I am quite fond of black, flower printed dresses. I remember buying my very first brooch for exactly that purpose: holding a top closed. The earrings are delightful. I also love the bag you're wearing with your second outfit, it looks a bit like one of mine. Have a great Sunday and Happy Mother's Day! xxx

Goody said...

This part of the state is pretty flat-it gets hilly out west. Happy Mother's day to you as well.

I'm so happy to see your beautiful outfits. I've bookmarked your Instagram, but I can't leave comments as I don't have (nor want) an account. You have great style! Happy Mother's day to you.


And the wildlife, but the bison are such slackers the fish have to do all the work!

We've both gone a long way from practical brooch purchases but we can still claim they're useful.

Mim said...

Gaping tops, the curse of the busty lady (it is also my burden). Brooches are definitely practical in that context.

Vix said...

I love florals on a black background, they're far edgier and more gothic. Your dress is fab and I love your ice blue ensemble, you sexy thang!
You've inspired me to go and sew myself another gypsy top. Love 'em!
Great nature photos. xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Belated Happy Mother's Day to you! Your necklace is gorgeous and such a lovely colour. Look at you in your shorts and gypsy top - it must have been a lovely day!

I love your floral dress and I think the brooch is fab idea and so useful; of course you must have lots of brooches for that very purpose in all colours and sizes...I agree with Vix; florals on a dark background are very striking.

The mock Victorian bracelet is rather lovely as well.

Your local centre sounds like a brilliant place and how great to encourage children to take an interest in nature. We need as much of this encouragement as possible as we may not have a nature at all in the future.

I'm learning lots of new (to me) American words since I began to read blogs. What you call a blind we call a hide but I knew exactly what you were talking about!
The goose nest box is rather strange - I thought they nested on the ground? Maybe this is the Trump Towers of nest boxes!

Hope you have a lovely week.

Radostin said...

@Goody oh, thank you! you really made my day!

Goody said...

And if we must draw attention to the boobs, might as well have a fab brooch, right?

you make sewing look so easy-if I did it I'd look like something lopsided out of a Picasso.

They will nest ANYWHERE. There's a goose that has nested for the past few years in a flower pot outside the maternity ward at the hospital! Everyone jokes that at least she chose the right place.

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) Mother's Day!

I love the part where you said "make way for ducklings," an obvious allusion to the beloved children's story about the avian brood being raised in Boston. I never read it as a child, but I learned about it as an adult reading books on the critical interpretation of children's literature. It's deeply touching to know the lengths that animals will go to protect their offspring in real life or in fiction. I salute good mothers everywhere.

Emily from Etsy

Goody said...


I decorated Danny's nursery with scenes from make Way for Ducklings done with a sepia toned marker on foam board. We couldn't afford all the boutique baby decor, so I improvised. Somewhere I have photos of it-I'll try to get a post of them up.