Friday, May 26, 2017

Paris When it Drizzles

Yes, I own a Guerlain umbrella. I've had it since the early 90's, and it is showing wear but I'll never part with it.

I found this Paris print novelty skirt recently for a dollar. It is early 2000's and made of a very thin cotton. As it was cold and windy today, I decided to employ a pair of, "Pervert-Proof-Panties". 
I've stopped caring what the neighbours might think of my antics. 
What's a little side-eye, anyway? 
Outfit Particulars:
Bandolino skirt-Thrift World
Vintage Jantzen wool sweater-Thrift World
Vintage handbag-can't remember (had it at least 25 years)
Bakelite bangles-all over
Bakelite brooch-Goodwill
Earrings-New Life Thrift
Fragrance-Guerlain Parure

The skirt was fun to wear, once. I'm not in love with the pleats, and it really is a bit big, so it has already migrated to the "Donate" bag in the front hall. When it is full, we'll drop the items at Hand-Me-Ups and with any luck, Thrift-Shop-Karma will pay us back with something fun. It feels strange having single-wear clothes but at the prices I've been finding things, it still comes out a bargain. Unless something is vintage or particularly wonderful, I don't need it cluttering up my limited space. 

Being Nebraska, our Spring weather has been through all the extremes. 
 Woolens one day, shorts the next. I'm generally a flexible person but this year has been a challenge. Bad as it has been for me, the garden is managing to survive-we're getting a bumper-crop of radishes and spinach this year.
The top I'm wearing is beading on heavy silk. I liked the idea of wearing a dressy top with linen shorts and a straw shoulder-bag. Next time I'll try it with some white linen trousers as I think it needs something to add a bit of contrast. I don't mind black in summer, but it needs to be kept relaxed and casual. I have all winter to wear dark, serious clothing (I'm afraid I'd make a terrible Goth).

Outfit Particulars:
Linen shorts-K Mart
1980's beaded top-Goodwill
Straw bag-Goodwill
Vintage slides-Goodwill
Bracelet-Garage sale
Copper earrings-K Mart
Fragrance-Courreges in Blue

I'll leave you with a look at a pair of swallows we saw at the park. I don't know the variety, but I'm pretty certain neither could carry a coconut.


Bibi Maizoon said...

I'm back from K-K-Kathmandu!
I've never seen a Guerlain umbrella, I am impressed!

I used to wear a compression version of your pervert-proof underpants when I was a pharmacist. Prevented swollen ankles & thigh chafe from standing all day as well as glimpses of my lady bits when ascending step stools to retrieve backstocked meds.

I used to think of the fees I paid for clothes at chazzas as 'rent' because inevitably (or with a few rare exceptions) I would re-donate them.

Love that beaded silk top! i think you have a flow-y black summery skirt that would look nice with that top too.

The weather is just as bizarre over here- searing hot clear skies & south Asian sun alternating with gale force winds and torrential rains.

Beth Waltz said...

The brilliant red top is exactly what's demanded by the patterned skirt -- which is why I don't wear patterned skirts. I'd decide "too much" and wear a boring ol' black tee and lose the effect. Well done, Goody!

On the other hand, the phrase "beading on heavy silk" makes my ears prick and my nose twitch. Taking that luxe look and pairing it with the shorts and straw bag and sandals is like drinking champagne with caviar and Neufchatel on Ritz: delicious! (Please tell us you wore it to the hardware store.)

Polyester Princess said...

Although I love the print of that Paris skirt, I love the one on your pervert proof pants, with that scalloped edge, even more! I had a good chuckle at you showing those pants. I'm sure your neighbours do not longer bat an eyelid. I'm quite taken by the cherry brooch, which will come as no surprise, and the straw basket you're wearing with your second outfit.

Miss Magpie said...

Gorgeous swallows, summer is on it's way! Our weather has been pretty similar. I have fleecy pyjamas and a woolen jumper drying on the airer from the end of last week whilst I'm slowly melting in shorts and a vest this week. Mental.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Those pervert proof pants are amazing!

I loved your Paris print skirt. It reminded me of the 1950s circle skirts which had Paris scenes, Scotty dogs and all sorts of weird and wonderful patterns on them. I think the red top is ace with it and the accessories are wonderful.

I think you're right; white trousers would make a brilliant contrast to the beautiful beaded top and as you have such good legs you wear more shorts - weather permitting of course.

Our weather remains hot and sunny...

ThriftyParka said...

Hah! Even your pervert proof panties are pretty. If I was a pervert, I'd be more inclined to try to get a peek at such pretties. :). Just sayin'

I think a dressy silk top and shorts is an excellent idea! Just make sure you don't spill any paint on those pretty beads if you're coming up north to paint the boarding house with me. :)

Happy thrifting;)

Goody said...

Ah, I wondered if you were off to "the city." A Blessed Ramadan to you and your family.

Even better...I wore it to Big Lots!

The neighbours across the street moved this weekend...I hope my exhibitionism wasn't the cause!

@Miss Magpie
I heard about your heatwave-that IS strange. Don't pack the fleece yet.

When I was a child we had heavier ones to wear in winter called "Snuggies" (no relation to the wearable blankets). I hadn't thought about them in years until I found these at a sale along with some of the craziest printed slips from the 60's. I would think prints would have shown through clothing.

@Thrifty Parka
Don't tempt me-painting a boarding house would be a relaxing holiday compared to my life down here at the moment.

Vix said...

Safety pants! I haven't seen any of those since Helga used to flash hers. They're ace.
The print on that skirt is fab but if it's not doing it for you then it's gotta go (although I'd be tempted to recycle it into an off the shoulder gypsy top with a pom-pom trim).
Those sunglasses need to be in my collection. xxx

Melanie Folly Bird said...

What a pretty outfit! I have a soft spot for belts over jumpers and cardigans, but for whatever reason, all knitted things over here have a tendency to be either really long, or really wide and are just not flattering and a belt would make the whole situation worse. Decent length items don't turn up in charity shops often either, though I did find a loopy cropped cardigan and a lovely lilac knitted top, both of flattering cut and length ... well I say flattering, as I haven't yet worn the loopy one, with my broad shoulders, I might just look like a camp American footballer!

Our weather is all over the place, but it's usually just the colour of the sky that differs where we are, with the added introduction of rain or thunderstorms. The temperature has stayed within the same ballpark give or take a few degrees.

Swallows, how sweet. We have swifts, swallows and house martines outside here, it's lovely to watch and listen.

Mim said...

I am chuckling at both the coconut comment and the pervert-proof panties.

I like Bibi's idea of thrifted stuff being 'rented'. Mine ends up either worn out or going back into 'circulation' too. Here's hoping the vintage gods repay your generosity with some good finds.

Goody said...

I miss Helga!
The frames were my mum's. I had them set with my eyeglass Rx and had them tinted. They don't block much sun though. Next time I'll go for proper sun glass tint. They're by Cazal.

Have you tried shortening the waist? I've had good luck chopping down knits.

It gets windy here on the plains-must keep myself decent. I have a pair of rumba panties with rows of green lace across the bum. Those make for a nice view on a windy day as well.