Friday, March 16, 2007

This Week's Rye Breads

That large loaf is a five pounder!

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absurdito said...

I received a loaf of this rye bread via o'nite xpress here in Cali.

DELISH!! It's been about 80 degrees here the past few days. Funny, for some reason I always think of rye bread as fitting for colder weather. But for some reason, the rye really accentuated all the nice things about the 80 degree day. I suppose it's due to the rye flavor reminding me of the aroma of natural herbs - wild sage and whatever - that grow in these parts and whose smells are released on a warm day. The strong aroma of these wild plants upon hiking through any field or mountain here in the west have, my entire life, been one of those great and easily-taken-for-granted pleasures of life.