Friday, May 09, 2008

Bloody Offal

One minute I'm sitting at the computer with Danny on my lap looking at photographs of tulips. A few clicks later we happen upon a Pennsylvania Dutch hex featuring tulips and the next thing I'm on the floor searching cookbooks for a scrapple recipe. No, I'm not making scrapple, that stuff is offal. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Mind you, my husband heritage on his mother's side is Pennsylvania Dutch and he refuses to eat anything listing "pork pudding" as the main ingredient-so I'm not the one being a food snob here. In fact, while I'm not keen to try pork, I wouldn't turn my nose up at sheep's kidneys or calf's liver. Scrapple sounds not terribly far off from some Scottish sausages made of oatmeal and sheep's brains. (I've lost about half the readers at this point, but for the rest of you, hang-in, there's a point to all this). Well hubby's Pa is of Scottish background; perhaps I can sell him the idea of white pudding (as opposed to black pudding which is a blood sausage).

"Honey? How do you feel about homemade sausages? You know, if they don't have any pork pudding in them?"

Dead silence.


Because you know I'm going to try doing it. I'm thinking mutton, or lamb but I'd be curious to give goat a go (might be too lean). I just realised what a lovely blog title that would be:
"Give Goat A Go!"

You know I will. Really.

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