Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Day The Earth Stood Still...In Cake and Cookies

Danny's 5th Birthday cake. After three weeks of decorating cookies in royal icing, the big day is finally here. You can scroll down to the next post to see more of Danny enjoying his Birthday (very) early this morning.

It looks like Danny likes his cake.

"We come in peace"...blah. blah, blah..."Hey, the Army shot the spaceman!"
Well why'd they have to go and shoot Klaatu? Gee whiz.
They were just trying to warm us about the nukes...
Oh great, now the robot is know that isn't going to end well...

Kind of amazing what you can do with seven pounds of butter, five pounds of sugar, ten pounds of flour and far too many egg whites to keep track of.
Happy Birthday Dannypants. The Earth really did stand still at 2:18 in the afternoon five years ago. Then, I heard you cry and the doctor said:
"That's your baby!"

I always thought that was what other baby would have been in the delivery room? Of course that was (and will always be) my baby. Five! Five years old.

OK, I'm off to get all mushy-n-stuff.


Raymond said...

What??! I didn't previously comment about how phenomenal this whole collection is? Man, I'd be waaaaaay proud if I got this for my b-day! I'd just want a whole buncha' friends over to show it all off!

Goody said...


It was fun...but not as fun as Mr. ETB's cake is gonna be in a couple weeks.

I really want to tell you what I have planned, but I'm gonna resist because it is going to be so tasteless (in an awesome way) that I don't want to ruin it.