Saturday, December 19, 2009


I finished baking, and assembling the flying saucer cake as Danny napped this afternoon. I frosted it grey and doused it with white cookie glitter-I think that looks sufficiently outer-space-ish. Yeah, that's a technical term. Anyway, tomorrow I'll assemble the whole darn thing.

I had leftover coconut that I tinted for grass, and leftover cake scraps and frosting so....

May I present:
(A fantastic blog name, I think)

Snowmen in Fezzes

you do is simple:

Crumble up leftover cake scraps, and bind with leftover frosting. Chill on a plate with a stick inserted through the pieces. Dip in melted white chocolate, and decorate. Easy. And cute. For the Christmas tree, just stick some tinted coconut onto the melted white chocolate.

I can't show the actual cake yet because a certain almost-five-year old is sitting nearby. I'll get the Birthday photos up at some point tomorrow or Monday. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't drop the whole bloody thing on the floor.

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