Friday, December 18, 2009

Spreadin' Christmas Cheer

...In a hat bearing the likeness of a Lovecraftian monster. You wouldn't believe how many people thought it was a freaking elf's hat. Really, what the hell is wrong with the people in this state? Anyway, kiddo wanted to go out and spread some Christmas cheer, and who am I to refuse?

I love the fact that Danny affected a really strong Boston accent as he handed people their gifts and said:

"Heah's some Christmas cheeah!"

Of course, in my head I was thinking the next sentence should be:
"I made you a pooomahdoah."

Anyway, Mr. ETB insisted that I cut the caramels and wrap them individually, rather than present people with three pound slabs of candy. He's so bloody middle class sometimes. Our veterinarian got extra jam and caramels because he will come out early on a Saturday morning in a snowstorm when your elderly poodle is peeing blood. You get extra candy for that. We really love our vet-I wish he were my doctor.

I needed a couple more boxes, so we stopped at the dollar store on the way home from Wahoo (that almost sounds like it should be a country western song: "I was on the way home from Wahoo when my gun-slingin' granny shot the preacher down in front of the Keno parlour on a Saturday night...") where Danny entertained shoppers by (loudly) singing Deck the Halls." Hey, we were spreadin' Christmas cheer, damnit!

I'm glad Danny enjoyed himself. This year he's really old enough to engage people in conversation, though admittedly, I do kind of brace myself for the things he might say.


Heah, have a poomaahdoahhhhh. It smells like cloves.

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