Sunday, December 13, 2009

He Thinks He's Important

In what was obviously a moment of insanity, I went grocery shopping on a Saturday. The weather's been bad, so I wanted to do a bit of a stock-up shop before the next round of storms. I'm in no condition to do a large shopping trip, so Mr. Eat the Blog and Danny took a cart and helped out with the list.

In the produce department, I see a woman, about my age pleading with her husband over onions.

"It says they're sweet onions." She tells him, somewhat helplessly.
"I can only eat Vidalia onions." He shouts back at her. "You know I have to have Vidalia onions."

It just got worse from there, like it was her fault they didn't have his precious Vidalia onions for sale. I've seen two year olds with better self-control than that jackass had. As all this was taking place, he was having an argument with someone on the phone via the ear-piece he had stuck on his head to show the world how important he is.

None of this was my problem until he decides to try pushing me aside as I'm getting my peppers. No, "Excuse me", or anything of that sort. So I let him know I'd be done in a minute, but he would have to wait his turn. I suppose that was risking getting punched in the mouth, but I just can't believe anyone thinks that is appropriate behaviour-ever.

I mean, can you imagine being married to that? Or working for someone like that?

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