Monday, August 08, 2011

Actual Conversation

Me: (Watching the President give his speech about the S&P downgrade) He's trying to reassure investors...

Danny: (Pointing to Dow ticker running in corner of the screen) I don't think he's very good at it.

I should probably be shocked that my six year old can read a stock ticker, but I'm more amazed that he could calculate the overall percentage market loss in his head, after seeing the day's starting numbers. I then made the mistake of setting up the live feed for him on the computer to watch the carnage being updated every two minutes.

Danny: Mama? How do I find the Asian markets?
Me: You don't.
Danny: I just want to...
Me: You'll be in bed when they start trading, you can read the close in the morning.

I got scowled at for that. I never imagined I'd be having disagreements with a six year old that wanted to stay up late to monitor foreign stock indices.

If he grows up to be an investment banker, I'm taking to the gas pipe.

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