Monday, August 29, 2011

Glace Fruit

Bad photo, good fruit.

These are a bit more traditional than mini aubergines, and tomatoes. It will be time to start making the Christmas puddings before you know it-best set some fruit in store now. As it is nearly impossible to find glace fruit that is made in a nut-free environment, I've been making my own these past years. It works rather well, but it is time consuming.

Today I made candied prune plums (from fresh prune plums), candied apricots (from dried apricots), and candied bing cherries (also fresh). I hope to get a pineapple done this week as well.

Perhaps I'll just skip sending out Christmas cakes and puddings this year and give glaceed fruit instead. Wouldn't it be beautiful all sorted out in a box like a rainbow?

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