Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sugar Free Peeps Are the Devil

We all know how loathe I am to toss out candy, but after two bites (I had to take a second bite because I couldn't believe anything could taste that vile) I binned them. Then, I ate everything I could to try and remove the disgusting, nastiness from my poor, unsuspecting mouth. Why? Why would they sell something like that? Obviously, it is sickening and it isn't like some sort of subjective thing where someone might actually find them enjoyable. No. These are gag inducing, in fact it will be difficult to ever view Peeps in quite the same light after this. Did they test market these to people without taste buds, or a sense of smell for that matter?

I challenge someone to eat one of these, and prove they kept it down, and enjoyed it.


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