Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Heat Is Breaking

We're expected to be in the 80's for the remainder of the week. I'm so excited. I feel like I should go out tomorrow, just because it won't be 104 degrees F. This is easily the worst stretch of heat I've ever lived through. I really hope this isn't going to be the, "new normal."

The garden keeps going along, neglected as it is. I have aubergines forming, tomatoes, lettuces, grapes, potatoes, beans, and the herbs. The laurel has established nicely, and I'm getting a regular supply of bay leaves. That was probably my favourite purchase this year.

Many of the flowers have given up, but I'm not really shocked, what with all the heat. The exception seems to be the Million Gold which have filled out and are really cheerful looking. They seem to enjoy the warm, humid weather.

While the sunflowers did attract finches, an unexpected yet lovely thing is that they have drawn large numbers of butterflies. Danny peers out his bedroom window and watches the almost magical performance as they dance around the flower heads with the bumblebees. The Mammoth Russian Sunflowers did indeed grow over 10 Ft. tall. They are spectacular. I still think it conjures the image of Khrushchev banging a shoe on the table threatening to "bury" us, but that's probably generational. Khrushchev was a pretty mammoth Russian.

Let's hope the heat is through for a while.

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Raymond said...

It can be over 100 here even into late September. But I'm hopeful that the high-80s to low 90s over the next ten days holds into autumn. Good luck with your 'new normal.' I fear it may be.