Friday, August 19, 2011

My Thought Process


I decided to extract chlorophyll from parsley instead, which doubled as a science lesson for Danny. I'm still serious about the tomatoes though. We'll see.

Thought: I should slice these small tomatoes, and candy them like orange slices.

Subsequent Thought One: I should try making a candied confit of cherry tomatoes.

(note, these are still in the realm of perfectly reasonable)

Subsequent Thought Two: I wonder if you could candy whole, mini aubergines?
(note, no longer in the "perfectly" reasonable territory, but arguably "reasonable")

Subsequent Thought Three: What about candied tomatoes, aubergines, and courgettes in a buckwheat quickbread loaf-sort of like a savoury Christmas cake?
(Note, this takes me effectively out of the "reasonable" category as well)

Subsequent Thought Four: Maybe I should go back to bed.
(Note, my thought process has returned me to the perfectly reasonable space).

I dunno, I still want to candy the tomatoes. Anyone have thoughts on sugared parsley leaves?

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