Saturday, September 03, 2011

Local Interest

The purple martins are back at the Nebraska Medical Center, roosting nightly around 7:30 PM. You know you want to see thousands of birds at once in the middle of the city. Dress appropriately, a hat might not be a bad idea. Park by the Clarkson Medical building and walk over to the front of the hospital. You'll see people with binoculars when you're in the right spot.

The Omaha Friends of the Public Library are holding the quarterly sale September 9, 10, 11 at the Swanson Branch on Dodge Street. There are many books marked from .25 to .50 cents. Good quality stuff, not crappy paperbacks that smell like they've been in a damp cellar since 1980 with a dozen cats. I'll be around Friday and Sunday (hopefully) so if you see me, say hello. I'll probably have a handbag filled with cling-film wrapped squares of flapjack as that's kind of a booksale tradition for us. I'd love to share some flapjack with you (well, most of you. The Northerner doesn't get any flapjack because he scowls at me) and see what treasures you've found in the stacks.

Headed to Council Bluffs? Stop by the K-Mart. I'm dead serious. There's a clearance sale going on where I picked up a $4.00 handbag, jeans for $2.99, and a pair of khakis for $1.99. If you are a rewards club member, items you buy at K-Mart can be bundled with items you buy at Sears for points. I'm not being paid ,or compensated in any way to promote Sears or K-Mart-I just shop there, and these are brand new clothes for less than thrift stores. The points add up quickly. I can't vouch for the Omaha store's stock, but that K-Mart in Council Bluffs was like striking gold. I won't be needing cardigans for a while ($2.99).

Little Known Fact about Nobbies-they don't just sell party items, they have boxed science experiments for children. $5.99 ea. We bought one about water purification, safety, etc. and another on solar power that has you construct solar panels. Small ones, but still. I passed on the potato clock, and the robotics kit (a bit more money) but I was amazed to see all the really decent educational products hiding behind the party favours and Halloween costumes. By the way, the sourdough, Petrarch (aka "Chuffy) will be celebrating his birthday 1 November. We're having a party, hats, noisemakers, and cake (sourdough, of course). I'm probably not the first person to have a birthday party for a sourdough starter (OK, maybe I am) . I'm going to buy him a new crockery jar as a present. We'll sing Happy Birthday, play pin-the-tail on the sourdough, and probably play Twister. No bounce house. I don't really like bounce houses.

Happy September.

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